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Looking for loading data for 110 gn RN
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 Posted: Tue Jun 21st, 2011 04:04 PM
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Hello everyone I'm looking for any load data for Speers110 round nose bullets for 30-06. I bought them then when I opened the box they had a note inside that stated that because they were the deep curl bullets NOT to load them with jacketed data loads, but with deep curl specific loads. When I e-mailed them they didn't have any load data for 30-06 only 30 cal. Thanks for any help any of you can give me. I would hate to throw away box of bullets!

 Posted: Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 12:59 AM
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Strange note in the box?
IIRC the Deep Curl is just the lead core with a deposition of gilding metal for a jacket, very, very, similiar to the Fusion bullet.

100 grain is light for the '06, and is often used in the 30-30 because of it's round nose. I've used Speer 110 round nose in the m1 carbine also.

I assume yoou just want some cheap plinking rounds, so I'd just use some 110 gr cast bullet loads.

 Posted: Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 02:01 AM
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DeepCurl™—the new hunting bullet line from Speer Bullets—is now available for handloaders. It's the hottest bullet available for rifle or handgun hunting. These new offerings have excellent performance and are easy on the pocketbook. A unique bullet design made with traditional and new technologies makes this bonded jacket, lead core and flat base bullet a good value. Available in several handgun and rifle calibers and grain offerings. Handloaders will be happy to get the new Deepcurl.

And, look for other new bullet offerings in Gold Dot® Personal Protection, Plinker, TNT® and TNT® Green™. No matter what type of shooting you do, you're sure to find an affordable, effective bullet option from Speer Bullets.

Learn more about this product >

View all of our products >

Important Reloading Data
DeepCurl's unique construction process joins the jacket to the core at the molecular level for excellent performance and consistency. For this reason, conventional reloading data developed for standard jacketed bullets should not be used to load DeepCurl™ bullets. Only DeepCurl specific reloading data released by Speer® Bullets should be used. It can be found here at in the reloading data pages or by contacting Speer Technical Services at 866-286-7436."

they're not listing data for the deep curl 110 in anything but the m-1 carbine ( geez not even for the 30-30 :( ...) leaving me to suggest either e-mail or Speer Technical Services at 866-286-7436 , i've done the e-mail before ( decently ) i dont have the current issue of speer's manual's ( think they are on #14 ?? ) so i cant compare current loads with the umm regular version of the same bullet , from reading the page ( below )
and this part
energy is somewhat less than
that of a typical 44 Magnum
load with a steep velocity drop
and, as such, it should not be
used on animals larger than
coyote. The 110-grain DeepCurl®
bullet shown here provides good
penetration along with closerange expansion characteristics.
It is also a fine bullet for general
plinking with an ogive profile akin
to the original military design;
allowing for reliable feeding in
the sometimes rough feed ramps
of these carbines"

tends to leave me believing that it's about a match for it's predecessor ( ie; lite jacketed lower velocity projectile ) albeit with their newer umm bonded ( plated ?? ) jacket , starting loads for the other plated bullet should be a fair starting point , as always work safely up or down as needed and keep in mind that it was designed around the m-1 carbine and it's velocities/pressures as opposed to 30-06 velocities/pressures , offers this about their plated bullets
"When loading these plated rifle bullets do not exceed a max velocity of 1950 fps. "

(happy shootin'-the best way to get empty brass!)


 Posted: Wed Jun 22nd, 2011 02:47 AM
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Sounds like a Trail Boss project to me.


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 Posted: Thu Jun 23rd, 2011 12:07 AM
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Just my opinion..but seems like load data for 110 gr lead boolits would work...but that is just my opinion.

Could always try the ol stand by of 10 gr of Unique.....

There again... just my opinion based on absolutely nothing ...LOL


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