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The First Stop
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5,100 53,414
Fiddler's Green
This is a forum to honor Handloadersbench members who have passed on. It is a place for us to recognize their contributions. Please reserve it for that use out of respect for those who have broken bread at our proverbial table and are no longer with us.
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14 205
Technical questions about the site
New Members registering with the Handloaders Bench,please read here the instructions regarding registration and activation. Post any technical question about the site here.
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308 3,141
Wall of Shame
This is where The Handloaders Bench staff posts the names of banned members and the reason why they where banned for all to see. If you don't want your name here follow the rules of conduct for this board.
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14 37
Metallic cartridge reloading
Gordon's Reloading Tool (GRT)
Sub-forum for discussion around GRT
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1 11
Tips, Tricks and Inventions
For those big and little things that makes reloading easier, safer, more accurate, more cost effective or what ever you have that looks interesting. Pictures would be nice also.
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891 14,999
Learning to Handload?
Interested in learning to handload your own ammunition? Ask your questions here.
Topics: 2,006 Posts: 32,050
2,006 32,050
Shotshell Reloading
The how and why of reloading for your shotgun.
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577 7,276
Reloading for rifles
Discussion of reloading rifles from grampa's prized 30-30 on thru your necked down bottle-o'-powder.
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4,353 56,189
Handgun cartridge reloading
All the guts of loading for your pistol.
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2,178 30,157
Primers, powders, bullets and brass
Forum for the discussion of you favorite brass, primers, powders, and bullets. Sponsored by:
Topics: 2,674 Posts: 30,078
2,674 30,078
The tools of the trade
Discuss presses, tools, dies, and books used in reloading.
Topics: 2,139 Posts: 29,239
2,139 29,239
Blackpowder Metallic cartridges and Muzzleloaders
Discuss those old Black Powder Cartridges and Muzzleloaders Graf and Sons - The Reloading Authority
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356 3,935
Cast bullets
Discuss cast bullets in all forms, soft cast, hard cast, heat treating and much more.
Topics: 1,206 Posts: 14,647
1,206 14,647
Show off and discuss your weapon of choice for getting the whoop-ass on target
Topics: 2,461 Posts: 31,039
2,461 31,039
Pistol and Revolver
Pistols,revolvers and bolt action hunting pistols Visit our friends at Shooting USA
Topics: 1,472 Posts: 17,664
1,472 17,664
Scatterguns and Shotguns
Pumps,Semis,side by sides,over and unders.If it shoots pellets or slugs this is the place
Topics: 426 Posts: 4,386
426 4,386
Battle rifles
A place to chew the fat on that original battle rifle you own and what you load for it
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654 7,695
If its a rimfire it has a home here..
Topics: 399 Posts: 4,718
399 4,718
National Firearms Act (NFA)
Topics: 7 Posts: 96
7 96
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3 16
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2 61
Competitive Shooters Lounge
A place to discuss all disciplines of competition shooting.
Topics: 83 Posts: 1,051
83 1,051
Disabled Shooters,Hunters and Handloaders
The Disabled Shooters lounge
Forum for Disabled Shooters to discuss equipment to get in the woods and on the bench. Visit our friends board at the Back 40
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90 700
General Hunting Discussion
Big Game
All about Big game hunting.
Topics: 684 Posts: 8,275
684 8,275
Predator,Turkey, and Small Game hunting
This forum is soley for the Predator,Turkey and Small game hunter. visit our sister site,The BSB
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391 3,458
Hunting Africa
Discuss Africa and her abundance of species for the big game hunter.Moderated by Professional Hunter,Phil Lozano
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87 1,500
Hunting Questions? Ask the Experts
Have a question about wildlife biology,game management practices and animals in the outdoors. Moderated by "MarkV", owner/operator of a large ranch and hunting operation. Also moderated by a state government biologist,"The_Mountaineer".
Topics: 89 Posts: 1,208
89 1,208
The "stick throwers" place to show off pics,talk bows and bow hunting
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94 790
Gun Smithing
This is for serious work, that generally needs to be done by a trained gunsmith, manufacture or a fine machinist that knows firearm construction. No discussions about converting firearms to select fire or making silencers, or anything else that may violate the National FIrearms Act. The posting about NFA violations will be deleted. This is for informational purposes. The forum, it's staff and members are not responsible for any damages.
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610 6,693
Other Outdoor Pursuits
Fishing & Boating
This is the place to discuss everything fishing and boating.
Topics: 243 Posts: 2,145
243 2,145
Donations and Auctions for the good of the forum
If you want to make a donation to the forum in the way of equipment or supplies, we have a means for you to do this. You can sell or do an auctions of what you want to get rid with the money going to support the forum. We are a family and a community.
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80 997
Services & products for sale
This forum is for posting your products & services for sale FOR BUSINESSES ONLY. READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING!!!
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122 961
The loading room shelf
Looking for dies ,presses, tools..etc?Looking to sell anything?Post it here. NOTE: 25 BOARD POSTS REQUIRED TO POST ADS!!!!
Topics: 793 Posts: 4,701
793 4,701
Topics: 333 Posts: 3,054
333 3,054
The cutting edge
All about blades.From OTC knives to beautiful handmade knives.
Topics: 158 Posts: 1,764
158 1,764
Recipes for the Bounty of Our Harvest
For all of cooks and assistant cooks, what are your recipes for the game you take, what do you raise in your garden to eat.
Topics: 383 Posts: 2,754
383 2,754
DOGS: Hunting & Otherwise
A place to talk about our canine pals
Topics: 317 Posts: 3,116
317 3,116
Hot Links
Have a link to another board or site,Share it here.
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198 809
Hot Deals and Product/Equipment/Firearm Review Forum
Post any hot deals you find on the Internet. Also post any equipment and firearm reviews you’d like to share.
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355 1,752
When a post becomes a learning tool or worthy of saving, it is found here.
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68 2,555
The Handloaders Bench Lounge
The hunting camp
Gather around,have a cold one and swap some bs with us This is a place for discussion outside of cartridges,rifles or hunting.Please keep it clean gents as this is a board of much diversity and members from around the globe.
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6,551 57,110
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70 683
The Hunter's library
This is the place to discuss any good reads, whether it's fiction or nonfiction or loading manuals, etc.
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79 371
Hunters` Diaries
This is a place where you can post a hunting diary. Please do not reply to any posts, unless they state that they want other members to reply.
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51 576
Military,Veterans,LawEnforcement,Fire and Rescue
Dedicated to those brave men and women who risk their lives everyday FOR OUR FREEDOM.
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731 4,634
Got a good joke?Post it here
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3,163 11,688
We use this board for chat if you are interested.For awesome talk on Survival please see our friends forum`s at:
Topics: 84 Posts: 990
84 990
Health and Fitness
This forum dedicated to keeping us fit and alive in the outdoors. if it deals with safety, health or basic medical questions post it here.
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110 1,590