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    I've bought three guns from Bud's and have no complaints whatsoever.

    They're pretty bare bones on customer service - if you're looking for a shop to fix you milk and cookies at bedtime and sing you a soft lullaby as you drift off to dreamland, they ain't it.

    But if you want excellent prices on a huge inventory delivered to your FFL's doorstep, they are one of the biggest players in the field.
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      Done a few deals with Buds, but I use their LEO store instead of the public one. It is restricted to active duty etc... But if you qualify, the savings are substantial so far.


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        I use Buds a lot...Do the Leo Store for Active Duty and the regular store too...No problems here but then again I'm local...only 20 minutes away. Even if I use regular store I get discount for showing my Military ID.


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          I have purchased a couple guns from Buds. Got what i was expecting w/ Free shipping. So I guess that a good one.
          I think if your buying a standard model and nothing fancy. Its a good place to buy.
          I am not ready to buy any thing from them yet that is a top end gun or with special options.
          Some how I bet some thing would get messed up. Besides those kind of guns should be purchased hands on.
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            I have bought many guns from them, excellent no problems


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              I have had no problems with them at all, but I have found with their "cash discount", or credit card surcharge that I can usually find it locally for about the same price.


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                I've bought 2 handguns and a rifle from Buds and never had a complaint on my orders, but that was probably 3-5 years ago.
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                  One experience. One bad one. No more Buds for me.
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                    They had advertisment for a 32 cal muzzleloader I had been looking for, normal price, nothing to brag about. I purchased it, two weeks later I'm back on phone for the third or fourth time, finally it was let out, they didn't have the gun in stock, they take the money, THEN ordered it! I am not a happy camper, I could have done that most anywhere and got a better price without shipping. Never again


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                      In case any of you want some shock reading
                      There is their gun broker feedback just read through the negatives and see their responses. I find it hard to believe a company who responds to their customers like that still gets business. I know I check out who I am sending my money too and regardless the amount of feedback it's how they conduct themselves that stand out too me.

                      Especially with a bidding site like GB the reactions are more important than then number. Even if someone had 100% negative feedback but always made it right...


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                        I've bought 2 firearms from them without issue.

                        my buddy though, ordered a gun and never got it, gave him all kinds of runaround. turns out what is "in stock" wasn't really in stock. Then when it finally came in they "accidently" sold it to someone else. Then they offered a different weapon to him for the same price (even though its not what he wanted). After haggling for some time he finally got his money back and bought one local.


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                          The only dealing I ever had with them is that they refused to sell new rifle brass to anyone in NYS. It is not illegal, but with our Govs. crazy Safeact law, I guess I can't blame anyone from avoiding this state. I do feel that suppliers like this allow tyrants to have even more power.


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                            i have bought several guns thru buds and always had fast fantastic shipping. always got exactly what i ordered and exactly as described. never a problem whatsoever. also got them quite a bit cheaper than any LGS around here could get them for.
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                              Originally posted by MissouriTrapp3r View Post
                              i have bought several guns thru buds and always had fast fantastic shipping. always got exactly what i ordered and exactly as described. never a problem whatsoever. also got them quite a bit cheaper than any LGS around here could get them for.
                              My sentiments exactly. But based on just one experience.
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                                I bought a muzzle loader they had posted for sale, it took FOREVER to get here. I called as to where is my gun, found out they didn't have it, they waited till I purchased it before they ordered it. I almost missed the hunt I had planned