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  • 300 RUM action

    hi fellas , just fishing here but would like some info on where a man would look for a Rem. 300 RUM action . I am looking to obtain some components for a 28 nosler build .I would like to gather the needed action and stock , trigger and barrel over the next 6-8 months and drop of at my smith at my leisure . any info would be appreciated , thanks

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    My 300 RUM is on a Remington 700 action, feeds properly. Cheaper that buying a new 700 action; I'd visit a pawn shop and buy an older beat-up 700 (maybe 7 mag for the action. The Remington 700 is about the best action to base a special build upon as there are more accesories/modifications for the M700 than all the other bolt rifles combined.


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      Bear , you are very right on that. My smith would rather build on a Remington action over all others . the pawn shop is a good idea , just have to drive a 120 miles just to get to one , all good though , I will get to one someday . I just didn't know if any of you fellas knew of a place that broke down old/ older guns and parted them out for this purpose right here .


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        There are about 15 700 actions over on Gunbroker right now. Including a 700 RUM action.
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          thanks R.D.