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MEC Press, Progressive, 20 gauge

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  • MEC Press, Progressive, 20 gauge

    The same co-worker of mine who I've been mentoring and who has been bringing me Guns For Sale from an old guy he knows, has a press for sale.

    MEC 9000G self-indexing 20 gauge shotshell press.
    Older model with the 100 round primer feed, has a 7/8 ounce bar in it.
    he has 2 other unidentified bars, will ID tonight.
    Has some bushings, unknown numbers.

    Wants $250, I have no idea what shipping ought to be, considering I have a 16 ga Sizemaster coming my way @$20 shipping, strikes me as fair.

    He got it from the same retiring handloader he got his metallic stuff from.

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    $20.00 is pretty cheap shipping, considering weight and volume of the box it will take to ship it. A Large Flat Rate Box is 12x12x8, and costs $18.85. Other non USPS boxes will be more. USPS will be changing their criteria for shipping on (I think) July 1, and price will depend on volume/size as much or more than weight. UPS is comparable in price, for the most part. I shipped a couple of RCBS Grands a while back, UPS was about $40 for each press.
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