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    I have been a Bullseye shooter for decades. All one hand, unsupported.


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      I shoot offhand with rifle. I am right handed but left eye dominant. When I first learned to shoot they caught me closing my right eyes and rotating my head to get the sight picture from my left eye and made me switch. By the time I started shooting handgun I had taught myself to be able to switch eyes and could adjust my aim according to the non-dominate eye which helps with pistols, but to this day I still prefer off hand on my rifle shots. It makes bolt action interesting but I’ve adapted well.


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        Originally posted by Vinutz
        Thanks for responding guys- nice to see there are still some real shooters out there- nothing against bench testers- particularly if they have a good reason- but they missing out on the real fun of offhand and the true art of shooting.
        "Missed out?" No way! Many competition benchrest shooters, including myself, are former position shooters. Some of whom were nationally and internationally recognized. But age takes its toll and the body, practice becomes a chore, and the eyes lose ability to use iron sights effectively. The competitive spirit remains alive however and many things learned in position shooting are put to good use in benchrest competition. Which I see as the next step up in a career in competitive marksmanship.