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    I shoot offhand with BP Cartridge, and in Schuetzen matches. My Ballard .22 Schuetzen rifle is 12 pounds and a 3 pound trigger pull. The single set trigger on my 11 pound 45-70 Hiwall sets to 1.5 pounds. In the winter months, I keep up with the 45-70 by using a Dave Crossno 22 liner and practicing at the indoor range. Great fun.
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      Back in my younger days I did a lot of High Power and Smallbore competition shooting, which of course involved a lot of shooting from standing position. And since final scores were often determined by standing score, it is what I practiced most. With many hours of dry firing. Nowdays,my only position shooting is Silhouette competition, which shoot both Smallbore and Centerfire. Attached are photos of the rifles I shoot in each, showing the standard class, and hunter class rifles. The standard class has no trigger weight restriction so I set them at about 1/2 pound. Which feels like two tons compared to triggers on my benchrest rifles, which are about 12-15 grams. The stickers on the rifles are are from inspection at National Championships.


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        I have been a Bullseye shooter for decades. All one hand, unsupported.


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          Thanks for responding guys- nice to see there are still some real shooters out there- nothing against bench testers- particularly if they have a good reason- but they missing out on the real fun of offhand and the true art of shooting.
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            I shoot offhand with rifle. I am right handed but left eye dominant. When I first learned to shoot they caught me closing my right eyes and rotating my head to get the sight picture from my left eye and made me switch. By the time I started shooting handgun I had taught myself to be able to switch eyes and could adjust my aim according to the non-dominate eye which helps with pistols, but to this day I still prefer off hand on my rifle shots. It makes bolt action interesting but I’ve adapted well.