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  • The trigger matters

    I shot in informal benchrest a couple weeks ago. Wow, when you are really focused on the trigger a lot you notice the little things. There were rifles of all kinds from CMP Garand to full on bench rest rifles. I shot my at .223. It has a Geissele trigger. It is a good trigger, but not their best one, but I could really feel some inconsistency in the pull. I shot one group at .339 inch but could not repeat it. I'd get three shots touching and one flier. I could feel the trigger pull a little different and know the shot was off before looking at it. Can the ar trigger be modified to make more consistent? Or should I just bite the bullet and spend the money for a good trigger? I don't want to go crazy light just more consistent, it is still and ar.

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    I don't modify triggers so I cannot comment on that part, but I will say that crazy light is the best! I put a Triggertech in my AR a few months ago. It goes down to 2.5. It is clean and repeatable, and may be the best trigger I have tried that is in that price range. It does not compare by any form of imagination to the Bix'n Andy that is in my Remitting 700. Stage 1 is dialed all the way down as I use it to provide enough travel for me to drag my finger while getting ready. Stage to is set to about 0.5 ounces. I have no way to measure that low, so I say about based on the adjustment guide.

    To your point, you don't need (or want?) something super light in an AR if it is not living on the bench. However, once you are use to a super light trigger, lighter is better. I would buy something that is on the better side quality wise. A 'drop-in' in an AR is going to be easier to pull and clean later so I would avoid kits.
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      Which Geissele trigger you have? I have the National Match and you can set it up, to your liking, by swapping springs. I have couple other triggers, that I've switched springs on and improved them.
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        I have a TriggerTech in one of my AR's. Too many other things to get so can't put them on all my AR's and Remingtons.
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          I'm not good enough yet to justify a trigger pull measured in ounces yet. But definitely want one more consistent that what is on there now. golong did you mean 2.5 ounces or pounds? I think a good clean 2.5 pounds would be about right on this rifle. it does a little of everything. informal shooting with friends, night hunting coyotes. we may be doing a three gun, or some type of walking / moving target shoot soon, so it needs to be ready for anything. this was my first attempt at shooting off bench against other shooters, I might be hooked. I've been looking at front rest instead of just a pile of sand bags. And Maybe check out he Savage varmint 112 that Cabelas sell, or something else that I can build more accurate file on. I'm not sure of the model of Geissele that on it but it went in like the stock trigger it was not a drop in unit. I'll need to dig out the order form to find the model.

          And how do you control or shoot around your heart beat? I could see my pulse move my crosshairs.


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            I have modified many triggers even my muzzleloader side locks.
            You can make it smoother pulling by polishing the sliding surfaces.

            You will need to take the trigger apart and look and study it and see what makes it operate.
            After you figure it out you will see a couple of sections of flat steel sliding on each other before the trigger breaks over.
            I have polished those surfaces with 1500 grit wet sand then 2000 grit.. I have taken the sliding surfaces and tapered off the sides of them to give less contact area.
            And even shortened them to eliminate trigger creep.

            You can do that with the factory mil spec trigger parts and come up with a really nice trigger.

            On the heart beat thing.. that is a tough one.
            But i have found it usually makes the gun go left and right.

            To eliminate 90% of the left and right movement I install a bipod on the gun.
            Now I do not open it but instead I leave it folded up and place it on my V or U shaped shooting bag.
            This basically gives the forend a wide base and it really steady's the rifle.

            Get a bag on the rear stock also as this will help.


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              I just recently changed the mil spec trigger, in my AR to a Geissele SSA-Enhanced. Made a huge difference. Only trigger I have ever messed with was on an older Savage Axis. Polished it up a bit and it was a lot better. Other than that I don't make it a habit to mess with factory trigger settings.
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                I enjoy a lighter trigger. I'm assuming you already have a 2-stage, so why not just buy a single-stage with a very light pull... Single-stage will always have a more-repeatable pull. Swap them between cleanings if you want.

                You're lucky you've got an AR platform

                In my HK91 clone (started as a 10-12lbs of grit), and now is really about the best you can do in a single stage 4.5lb pull, but it's fairly crisp with minimal takeup by comparison to the factory trigger. And you gotta send your trigger pack to a guy in CO, and possibly send it back. After 50-60 shots with mine it started to run-away because of the gun's violent action so I had to send it back for repair.


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                  OKLHUNTER's Geissele is a single stage.

                  Which Geissele have you got Crocket?

                  My LR308 hog rifle has a Geissele 2-stage, which I like very much.
                  2 1/2 pound take-up, 2-pound break. I wouldn't want much lighter on a hunting gun.

                  There isn't much "better" than a Geissele trigger, they and Timney are the two 900-pound gorillas of Great Triggers For Rifles.
                  You may have an old one that needs cleaning/work?

                  Nic's AR has a Rise Armament RA140 Super Sporting trigger,, a real nice single action (I think new shooters are best to learn a single action trigger, 2-stagers can be added and adapted to later, not so good the other way around). 3 1/2 pound.

                  I don't screw with the trigger on my BAR. It's really pretty good for a factory trigger.