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6mm dasher

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  • 6mm dasher

    Does anyone shoot 6 dasher on here?

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    Preacher Jim, There are a few threads on here:

    Every once in a while in life we need a policeman, a lawyer, a doctor and a preacher. We need a farmer three times a day, every day.

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      Shoot a 6BRA, that like the Dasher an improved version of the BR, but 0.080" shorter. Use my rifle for long range benchrest.


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        Jackson give me an overall length, and neck length on your round please


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          I asked this because i have some 6br dasher fire formed been sitting since it was made up all Lapua brass. i shoot 22br, 6br, 6.5br and 30br not going to use this.


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            preacher jim, please forgive my slow response, just measured a fire formed Lapua case at 1.555". Overall length would probably not help much, as I jam into the rifling and the variation of measuring tools at the ogive. Never trusted over all length measurements to the tip of the bullet. The Dasher is the same case length as the 6BRA, but the BRA has a longer neck and a little less capacity. They are both very fine rounds and the differences are Ford verses Chevy. Would recommend testing at 0.005" jam, just touching the rifling and 0.005". I shoot Bart's Hammers and Vaportrails in my rifle and H4895. Good success has been had with R15, Varget, and 8208. Use CCI Br primers, CCI 450, and Federal Match primers. Like the BR's. Sorry for the delay and good luck.


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              Jackson not looking to use the dasher I want someone who needs this brass. Not going to build another