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Offer to disabled hunters.

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    Jerry, Welcome to HB. Before I deleted your address and phone number from the post above I copied your post and sent it to WebbsWholesales in a Personal Message. For your own protection it is very inadvisable to post this kind of personal info on the open web. There are folks out there who employ tools to extract such data off of sites like this automatically. As a result they can tie your phone number to your address and your name. This is just asking for identity theft etc. You are best off to use our personal message feature in our header bar to communicate such information to other members here. If I'm preaching or you don't care if others have your info I can put it back in. Just trying to watch out for our own on this site. Rockydog.
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      Thank you kind sir for watching out for me. I appreciate it. I am 60 and dont know sometimes what I need to know about participating on a web page. I have been readings some of the posts. Very good people here. Glad to meet you. Jerry


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        Trinity1976, I have no doubt that you have spent a lifetime of helping others without expecting anything in return. I also know it isn't easy for you to accept help and that when it comes, it is humbling and never taken lightly.
        I tip my hat to you and Webbswholesales! I hope this is the hunt of a lifetime for both of you. I know what hunting with my buddy Hunter has done for me and it feels GREAT!!!
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          Thank you for you kind offer.

          Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America


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            I have not been on in a while, and i stopped getting messages from Jerry, was wondering if anyone has heard from him lately? Was trying to set up a time to hunt with him, hope everything is OK.


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              I am disabled sir & i live in southwestern Va myself & i would like to set up a hunt i can walk but just not all that much


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                I would love to do this myself sometime. I need a cane to walk and have trouble on broken ground but I am still relatively spry. I walk well enough but not far. My back was torn up badly in a work accident so unless I have help moving a carcass, I don't even consider getting permits to hunt anything but squirrels & bunnies. I am single though so a whole deer is a lot more venison that I alone can eat in a year unless it's all I eat.

                Maybe it is a bit late this year especially since I am about to have another operation on my back Wednesday but it is something I would like to do next year. I might even be able to climb 10 feet to be able to use a rifle as my only BP rifle is a squirrel gun/32 cal Flintlock. Of course I have a shotgun to use if not.

                I hope Jerry is well too but I have no information on him as I am new here.
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                  I was wondering about your offer for hunting during bow season and if the opportunity still stands? I would love to take a buck in Virginia, in any state for that matter. I live in Bucks County, PA so it would some distance but not too far. To explain my situation, I'm Dan I was born with CP and some other issues so hunting anywhere but private land is my only option. I walk with a crutch and can't walk that far without resting and can't do much physical labor. I tried hunting public land in PA and since there are so many hunters and the fact that when I walk I drag my feet so I make alot of noise, other hunters didn't appreciate that. And the only private land I can hunt is a small field a farmer agreed to let me hunt only for bow season, haven't gotten anything yet.Soooo I'm starting to ramble but I'd love to hear more about this plot you got and if the offer stands I'm more than willing to drive down there. Anyways get back to me. Appreciate it,


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                    I tried to sign up for this and never got any reply here nor in a PM.
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                      As a ne, and disabled member this is superb. While I cannot accept your most generous offer because I am located in Minnesota, I just want to thank you for thinking of those of us with failing health. It's hatd enough to find a place to hunt when we are healthy, but after becoming disabled, I have found it almost impossible to find a suitable, or affordable, location to hunt from. I last hunted in 1999 before getting injured, and I truly miss my hunting days.
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                        Like Mr Webb, I also would make a offer for a 2016 spring turkey hunt, in central Okla, for any of our wheelchair bound brothers or sisters ..especially one who is a wounded vet.
                        If you are properly licensed to turkey hunt in Okla and able to get to me... I will get you on a bird. I'll even let you use my gun. My flock is only big enough for 1 hunter, but I would be honored to make it happen for them. Of course I would prefer that person would not otherwise the opportunity. And hopefully, Lord willing, I can continue to make this offer every year.
                        My place is about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City. Just shoot me a PM. Season starts mid April :redneck:
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