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Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    Anyone with Psoriatic Arthritis? Yeah, it's fun, got diagnosed a few months back. Also dealing with Ankylosing Spondilitis. Perfect combination!!!!!!!!! Some days are okay, others suck so bad that I am seized up and in so much pain. On meloxicam currently for the arthritis and have received several different steroid injections into the spine (one more and it's time for surgery). Will probably start the infusions in June for the arthritis.
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      Nick, I too have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Miserable disease that adds bone to your existing bones. I have a couple of vertebrae that are self fused. I actually have 3 vertebrae that are adding bone behind my esophagus in an attempt to fuse the vertebrae together. They have grown large enough that I'll need surgery this spring to remove the bone growth as my esophagus is about 50% occluded and swallowing food is getting to be a real challenge at times. My head and chin sit at an angle that mimic a mime walking into the wind, head down nearly looking at the ground. Shooting prone is totally out of the question.

      I tore the quad tendon completely off my kneecap two years ago partially due to the fact that a bone spur had grown between the tendon and the kneecap weakening the attachment. Am not on any pain meds right now and will likely not be on any in the future due to other health issues.
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        Sorry jumped past all 4 pages so if this is already discussed I am apologetic
        I have this problem
        But I was an Army Brat and 20+Year soldier with a LOT of overseas assignment and a LOT of Vaccinations... and eventually came home with Tuberculosis....

        Diagnosed with all sorts of bad stuff.... and each doc wants to prescribe the newer and newer immune system controlling drugs...and I keep saying I do NOT want my TB bug to wake up....

        to a man now...5 different docs...none can say that my Decades ago INS treatment for TB fully created a cyst around that bad bug....
        So many-- or possibly all ---the warnings on tv that go on for 45 seconds, about all the side know sudden death and anal leakage and things like that....

        I pretty much tell every doc....If I have to Hire Bangle, Bangle, and Bangle....YOU will be named...

        MY RA is currently managed by diet and exercise...and yes Virginia the fracking exercise hurts!