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  • Equipment needs

    I'd like to ask about specialized equipment and the various firearms used. I realize that this may be somewhat difficult to answer because everyone may have different requirements.
    Do most people have friends or family that fabricate specialty equipment? Have you designed your own?
    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm pretty darn creative and have access to a lot of tools and equptment. what are you looking for? What are your needs?
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      I make rifle stocks that might be helpful for some. I was looking for ideas, wants or needs. I don't personally need anything, just looking to help if I could.


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        Dito. A friend of mine has a mechine shop and I hang out there. We like one of a kind challanges and helping people.
        If you have an idea that neede a little help, let me know.
        The longer I live,the more I an convinced that the only things worth having are the things you will leave behind.
        Help someone. Teach someone.


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          Good for you guys! There are lots of different adaptations out there, but they can be awfully expensive, and every one I've played with has needed some tweaking to fit my needs. You can see some of the stuff that's out there or that people have come up with in the adaptations section of my site if you are curious.
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            I have a (new,used 2 maybe 3 times)Invacare wheelchair(to be pushed only, approx. 8 in. wheels all the way around) Free if we can come up with a way to get to a club or individual that can use it. Too large and heavy to ship. Paul


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              Equipment for loading and shooting for the disabled is so costly over here (England) that I have to do my own . I am lucky that I can still use my hands ( added a set of wheels when the back packed up). I am an engineer and will offer any assistance I can.
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                Awesome thoughts gents, hopefully any of our members who may need a bit of equipment tweaked, ideas bounced off you will be in contact.
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                  I gave up hunting due to a bad set of legs ruined by tipping a farm tractor over on top of me. Rear tire landed across lower legs and continued to turn grinding legs to bone, then caught fire.

                  I would like to try one of these but can't afford the rental price.

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                    I started a GOFUNDME campaign in July, by September Ihad raised the $13,000 needed to purchase and Action Track Chair (made in Minnesota). cHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE "" to find out about trying out a chair, and other ways to raise the money to purchase one. They realize very few people have insurance that pays for "QUALITY OF LIFE EQUIPMENT" and understand that most people cannot afford to buy one, so most people will need to do some sort of fundraising efforts, along with anything you can think of to get that track chair and get back out in the woods.
                    I was paralyzed when I was 13 (T6 Complete). I did everything people of my generation were told we needed to do to succeed, becuase I didnt want to be someone who couldnt make his own way. I have 2 college degrees in fields that are hiring.But when they see you are in a wheelchair you can see the look in their eyes, and know, "Im not getting this job" So after years of not being able to find gainful employment, My physical condition started to get worse, everyday things became harder and harder, and I could no longer sit in my chair 8 hours/day and I realized, making my own way was no longer going to happen. So as I applied for SSI and medicaid, I found out I would never be able to afford,nor would my insurance everpay for any of the adaptive equipment I had seen and dreamed of over the years, always thinking, after college, when I have a good job, I will be able to get that.
                    As someone else posted on here; most any adaptive equipment, even things that dont really offer a person much independence or open new possibilities to expand their abilities, are so outrageously overpriced that Most of us will never be able to afford the most basic of adaptive equipment to give us even small measures of independence like adding a lift and hand controls to a van (or at least I cant).

                    Anyways as I said I was lucky enough to have friends, family, and a whole community that rallied behind my fundraising efforts and was able to purchase a Trackchair. I noticed it said under your username your from Wisconsin, I am from the south central U.P. and would be willing to bring my trackchair down to you for a test ride once winter is over, if it is something you are still looking into at that point. I would also be willing to show you how to set up a campaign, and you should also check out they are almost always willing to bring people a track chair to demo, at no cost. And also have information about different grants and low interest loans through some participating state agencies.

                    I hope this info helps you out sorry I rambled on so long, talking about these things is new to me ( even after almost 20 years)