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  • Mathews Outback Solocam

    Picked up a Mathews Outback Solocam at an estate sale yesterday, think I got a good deal on it and it's in brand new condition.
    Apparently the guy only took it out about 3 times.
    I have to pick up a good release and some carbon arrows, then we got to test this puppy out.


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    The Outback was one of the first 80% let off bows. I have the model just before the Outback and it still works for me. My hunting is out of a tree stand inside of 45 yards. I don’t need blinding speed so I have mine cranked down to #45. I rarely get pass throughs but the broad head keeps tearing things up inside as they run away. I keep an eye out for newer models but if the price is right the draw length isn’t or vice versa. By the time you swap cams and have it tuned it’s not worth it. I’m just glad firearms don’t depreciate like bows. I look at those new $1800 crossbows that in four years are worth $300 and shake my head. That Outback must be 12-14 years old? The manufacturers try to get you to upgrade every two years or so. If it fits you don’t listen to it.
    Endeavor to persevere.


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      I still have my LX solo cam shoots just fine.
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