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  • Broadhead targets

    I'm shooting on a 350 and looking for a good broadhead target, something that will stop my bolt cutters but won't cause me to dislocated my shoulder trying to remove them,the target will be used to sight in my broadheads and 3or 4 shots before I go hunting, that's it. All the other shooting will be with field points into a big shot 450 which is an excellent target.

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    Welcome Rfrench,

    I use mechanicals. And for targeting/practice I grind off the flight opening lever.

    But for all my shooting I use a 2'x2' target (foam or dacron batting) BUT the secret is to suspend the target so it is free to swing on impact. this reduces the penetration and makes removal easy with no damage. I built an "A" frame that folds out of 2x2x10'. target hangs from two pieces of nylon rope from "a" frame and is free rotating away from arrows on impact. this sucks over half the energy out of the flight arrow.

    Been doing that for 25 years, low bow, semi recurve, recurve, coumpound and x-bow. Always works and saves wear on target.

    just my thoughts.


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      Thanks Bear ,will have to give that a try.


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        That's a good idea Bear.
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