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  • Cross bow advice

    Looking to add a SMALL cross bow to a Bug out or Get home bag

    Never shot any bow in my life

    Old and probably not able to cock a cross bow

    Seem to me a lower cost solution to quiet shooting in a SHTF scenario where stealth is necessary...I will not pay the fees to get a can for any of my weapons

    Already hand guns and take down 22s...

    I will soon do a fair google search, however, there are several/many here that I respect the opinion of... seeking wisdom and advice

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    well over 50+ years with a bow hunting big game. over 70, unfortunately.

    hunted deer with a x-bow today.

    Not a good SHTF device. there are a number of cocking devices that reduce the force by 50% to 70%. But it is a one shot device and heavy.

    A 22 rifle would be much better if you are not a 'bow' guy.

    10-22 ruger is the way to go. lighter, more accurate and more deadly.

    just my 2 cents.


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      Like Bear, hunted with a bow since I was a kid. 60 odd years later, I can't pull my heavy recurves. Use a 40# Browning Apollo recurve now. Never had any use for a crossbow. Too much weight and cumbersome.
      As with Bear, I agree fully about leaving the crossbow alone and use a .22 rimfire weapon. You've nothing to buy and already shoot Firearms regularly so you are good to go.
      "Don't try to cover up a lack of training with a tool you don't understand."

      John Lovell on upgrades.


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        True, getting old suc%%.

        but I do what I can do.

        pulled my archery blind today, end of season 17 oF.

        love to hunt hope I die in a ground blind for deer, what could be better.


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          If you're worried about noise a 10-22 with a suppressor. Or maybe the poachers choise, a 22 mag


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            And a thought. The small crossbows are basically toys. Made often of sub-standard mater and moulded plastic bolts. They have no genuine power and thus might not drop a fist-sized cottontail past 15ft. [An estimate of the killing power, of course]
            And a full-size crossbow wouldn't fit a pack if one tried. Whereas a simple .22LR pistol would slip into most pack's side pockets with 200 rounds of ammo.

            Suppression is overrated. A single round fired from a 30'06 can easily be heard, true enough, but how often can one actually pinpoint the exact location? Can't. Just the very wide general direction. Do that with a .22 And it's even harder to pick up the direction at all other than a "maybe from that way?".

            Just a thought.
            "Don't try to cover up a lack of training with a tool you don't understand."

            John Lovell on upgrades.


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              right on Kit.

              the first shot is just an attention getter. the 2nd and 3rd shots pinpoint the direction.

              A full size quality x-bow, as said is bulky and heavy, but it is a very formitable weapon. I've killed over 30 deer and antelope with them, all critters died within 10 seconds. You also need to use a proper head for the task. And in a survival mode, arrows can not always be retrieved or re-used; and they in themselves are bulky. Mush easier to carry 50 rounds of 22 LR that 50 arrows/bolts.


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                So I have my own get home to place, and not ---at my age and physical condition, likely to BUG out if I can hunker down
                22 cal Suppression is NOT an option...Expense
                Have the small cal pistols and take down rifles covered as well as too many cartridges to carry
                A silent bow seems to make sense in some scenarios...
                I did say "small" but did not mean to imply break down for inside of a ruck kiddy toy.... assumed most real Cross bows would be strapped or hung outside...
                I have a local shop I will go too soon, Nocked and Loaded in Lampasas....fairly big LGS and most of their business is Bow hunting
                Twas hoping for some hints and suggestions so I might ask the right questions at the LGS
                Not sure why a silent option would not be a good idea to have in the KIT....never gonna be the heavy ruck I humped for many years


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                  I have a x-bow in my home. been shooting it and making my own shafts for years In a SHTF senerio, it would be the last thing I would grab.

                  Best bet is a U.S. Survival AR-7 .22 LR. If you are a 'hunker down' guy the 10-22 (low cost reliable)or an M 1 carbine (powerful enough for 1 shot take down on 2 legged critters) would be the best choices

                  hope this helps

                  But if you want an inexpensice x-bow try---. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)

                  About $220 on Amazon. local shops are high profit places and will surely recommend a better x-bow at MUCH MORE $$$$.

                  The TenPoint bows are very good. in used market the Horton Legdon is good.