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    18 Antelope season opener, made the drive over Fri. In the hunt unit that I hunt they had rain all summer, gave them the best hay season they've ever had! Thousands of round bales all over the place. Every stream has water flowing,ponds,wet spots has water, lots of Goats, but spread out. Put a herd to bed, but I knew that when light came the road hunter's would be coming out. Found over 500 bales stacked on a ridge between two fields, could move between them easy without being seen and see a lot. The big problem was the Alfalfa, knee high or better, so using the bi-plod was out couldn't shoot over it.Light came and the folks from the next ranch over parked right at the end of the field. Worked as planned the herd all walked past me at about 300yds,small buck 8-9 inch horns.I thought he may look good Sunday AM so let him pass. Opening day folks divining every road in the distances, had a birds eye seat to see it unfold. Lots of shooting you know if more then one shot shooting up the dirt. So lots of does and small bucks, big guys here and there.As the day progressed kept watching made a couple of hikes to other parts of the ranch nothing. So broke for lunch, keep watching the area, went back to the home ranch to visit the old folks, need to do that. So leaving going back to the low ranch seen a Angus bull that had trouble limping bad wouldn't put any weight on the right hind leg. So checked out a couple of other fields,nothing. Knew they where working cows so head over there to tell them, when I pulled down the lane they where stand in the mid of the road talking to the neighbors, then someone came by on a tractor. We talked and they ask if I had done any good, No, as we talk his wife goes what about them,as we all turn around a herd was work its way thru the hay bays at no more the 300. I calmly say lets see if there's a buck three!. They turned and head for their truck saying get to work. I head out and how I knew the years are catching up to me. Duck squatted to the first bale was suck wind, the next was a 100 yds. and the herd was moving about 60 to 70yrads now really sucking wind, herd moving, need to make two more, again 60 to 70 yds. Trying catching my breath but no time, have one more to go need to crawl, 50 to 60. by the time I make it to the last I am winded. Herd coming from my left, working on my breathing, try to get the bi-pod, hay to high. I move to the right side of the bale and try to get a rest. Wobbling at best, how their about 150yds out moving down a small coulee so will lose sight of them quick. Try to pick out the best buck,lots of does he's last in line. I am all over the place, stopped the squeeze twice. Try to get back on him,does in the way. He steps out I hold for behide the shoulder and pull the shot. Off they go but headed for the ridge and the hay stack, make my way back to the truck, hay yard is 1.5 miles away. Take my time drive back to where I had spent the day, park head to the mid of the yard, put the glass up and here they come,. All lined out, two smaller bucks in the middle of the herd, he shows up at the end of the line but moving towards me. I reposition myself moving to my left about a 100 yds. and down a row of bales.Come up hat off, they all lined up, he's right in the center, I find him but can't shoot,I use a different gripe to steady the gun, doe's in the way.I wait she clears the path I hold for the pocket in front of the left shoulder, at the shot DRT
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    Nice antelope and great write up! Felt like I was there. RD
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      That's a really nice Buck there! Good hunt!
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        Sounds like a Great time. one to remember.


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          Fun reading about your hunt.Great write up,thanks for sharing.


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            congrats. k
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