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A rare oppertunity

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  • A rare oppertunity

    Our big game season is set by Thanksgiving weekend being the last day.
    BUT the closing day of our "Game ranges " is set by a DATE Dec 1st.

    With that said, the big rocky mountain front game range, the Sunriver game range, will be open to people almost a week after the close of elk season.
    This is the perfect storm .
    The elk will be on the game range in massive numbers, no hunters, and the "Wolf" that follow the elk should be down low with the elk .
    The season for wolf runs to mid March Unfortunately the three of us cant be there, dang it!!

    shoot\'em till your arm falls off

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    The licenses are Over the counter.
    I think you can but 2 and if you have a trapping license you can get 5.
    No baiting , there "Game animals " so it's fair chase only for rifles, you can use electronic calls. I would guess some kind of lure can be used for tapping ???
    It is a 6 month season for rifle.
    I'm not sure on the numbers actually taken by sportsman and trappers but the quota is never met.
    I have herd the FWP and Ranchers kill more then we do...
    There very elusive and live in VERY remote country most the time.
    This would be a very rare opportunity in deed, I just can't make it out next week, dang.

    shoot\'em till your arm falls off


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      Too bad it is so far away.
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