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    Originally posted by Paul B View Post

    Not Ol' Yeller but most of the deer I've killed with cast bullets used plain ols wheel weights with a bit of tin added to aid casting. My current alloy is a lot more complicted but duplicated wheel weight metal as it was made back in the mid 1950's and into 6y4 60''s. Current wheel weights don't have quite as much tin or antimony in their mix. AFAIK, these days they're making more wheel weights out if zinc which is a no no when mixed with lead. I have roughly 40 pounds of alloy that was sold as 1 in 10 tin to lead that is badly zinc contaminated. It won't even cast a decent sinker.
    My alloy that I use today is 20 pounds wheel weights, one pound linotype, one-third cup of #8 chilled shot and a three foot piece of 95/5 percent lead free solder. There are two kinds of lead free solder, one having the 5 percent in silver and the other has 5 percent copper. I only use the type with silver. Bullets drop from the mold at roughly 11 to 12 on the BHN scale. Drop those bullet from the mold into cold water and they'll harden to 30 to 32 on the BHN scale. The bullets at 11 BHN shoot just fine at full speed from a .357 or .44 Magnum.
    Paul B.
    When I first started deer hunting with cast, I was told if you mix 50/50 clip on wheel weights with pure, then add 2% of the wheel weight's weight (which comes out to 1.6 ounce in a ten pound pot) then cast a heavy for caliber bullet with a flat nose, then push them to 1800-2000 FPS, terminal performance is good on deer. So far, this has worked well for me as I've killed several using .30s or bigger. Deer don't seem to run any farther than they do with jacketed. I tend to hunt woods from ambush positions, usually tree stands, which allows for close shots at unalarmed deer, it's just the way I do it, and probably wouldn't change if I was hunting with a .264 Win Mag. Cast works great for me.

    Lately I wondered if the smaller bores wouldn't work OK too. Last year, I impulse bought a 7x57 sporter I really like and shot it with cast loads a lot. I had a hollow pointed version of the discontinued Ideal 287308 so I cast some using the same alloy formula that has worked for me and developed a decently accurate load (not difficult) that according to the old RCBS manual should be hitting 1950 FPS. I didn't get out much this year, but managed to get a doe to cooperate and that 7mm bullet performed well. Would have been even better on a classic, double lung broadside shot, but you take what you can get.

    I don't have a mold in .270 I would trust to deer hunt with, but there are some made that I would. I'm about to begin shooting it with the 280473, just waiting on a top punch to size and lube bullets. If the rifle shows some promise, I may spring for a hunting appropriate mold and give it a try.


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      richhodg66 I'm a rookie when it comes to casting and taking deer with one. I've only gotten three, and all in the last 5 years or so. First was a cull buck at about 25yds with a Lyman 311291 GC loaded in my 30-30 bolt rifle, second was a spike at about 65yds shot with a Lyman 358156 SWC loaded in a 38SPL case using my Henry 357 Lever rifle, and last was the deer referenced here with the 270 RCBS boolit. All are cast with COWW lead.

      The one shot with the 38SPL was a mistake. I had loaded the rifle with plinking fodder the day before, so when the spike presented himself early the next morning out the back of the hunting cabin, I grabbed the rifle thinking it was already loaded with a stout 357 load using a 158gr Hornady XTP-HP. The spike ran in a straight line for about 100yds and fell over dead, bled out. I was blessed to have found him.

      I am very happy with this boolit, especially since 270 boolits are so hard to find. You may want to try it in your 270 or the RCBS 7MM-168-SP 531 ( ) in your 7X57.
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        I have that RCBS 7mm mold, just haven't cast with it yet. If I hunt with it, I will likely cast them with soft points. The hollow pointed 287308 worked well. I wouldn't hesitate to take a shot at a deer with it much farther away than I did, but I would try for a better shot angle next time.