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High-fence “hunting “?

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    Generally on commerical operations, deer with racks like that shown at too valuable to be shot, as long as their sperm count is high. when they are terminal or too old to produce saleable sperm cartridges, then they may be sold.

    Olyeller, do you really believe that a rancher would stave animals that are worth $35,000 each????? I don't know how one would get an animal starved on a range of a many sq mile pen.

    But, enough. the racks look nice but to me meaningless on a canned pen hunt. and not "hunting" to me. and as you said it is "their money"


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      BEAR no, I really can’t believe it. But the facts are there for a person that’s looking at them. There is no doubt in my mind, one way or another that rancher knew those animals were going to be shot this season, and the easiest quickest way to do it is to get them to come to feed.
      If they were not shot, then they would be put back in the general herd and fed back up.
      I also can’t believe that the Clintons aren’t in jail, that the news media is doing what is doing, do I need to say anymore? The facts are there whether you want to believe them or not.
      It's not that Democrats are so damned ignorant. Their problem is that everything they know is wrong.

      Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui

      He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, is a fool.
      He who knows not and knows he knows not, is wise.