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  • It start's 2019

    I can't believe its mid July half the summer's gone already! So time to started getting the guns tuned, took the M4, Sako Safari Browning in .243, Sako MD 75 .270, out to the range this am, got out there about 9 truing to beat the wind, it was a bit windy coming out of the south, set up and the .270 was first, smack dab 3" high but off about an 1" to the right cooling and a tweak, and she was right where it needs to be. The .243 next strung three shot vertical, at 3" high off to the right again that it cool and then got a nice 1" cluster of 3, 3" high two down them the M4. Putting the Finishing touch's to the Patrol, 1-4 trying different targets to which one worked the best, with the red center dot set low, covers about 2" at a 100 no gopher gun. Going thru the last of the Privi 62 Gr. FMJBT, was putting them inside the two inch center, took some masting tape made a cross over the black bulls help line up cross hairs up. So three down, five to go.
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    30-06 is ready to rock. and so is the Grendel with 123gr. SST's but I found some Nosler bullets I fancy to give a try in 120gr. Have not loaded them yet and they may have to wait till next time. Once the 30-30 arrives I'll sort that out. Ammo is waiting and ready to go. The 458 SOCOM is always good to go as it lives behind me in the truck. And I have about 500 rounds of varmint rounds loaded for the .223 and it is sighted in for those at the moment. So yep I think I am pretty much good to go.
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