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Cartridges and bullets for Africa

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  • Pretty hard to go wrong with either the .338 and .375. Great cartridges. My first trip I used a .338 and a .458 for plains and buffalo. These days I would take a .338 and my .416 Rigby. Hopefully next year.


    • I've never been to Africa but its on the bucket list, the following would go with me.
      Winchester MD 70 Super Express .375 H & H
      300GR. Nosler Par.
      1.5-5 VX 3 Leupold, in WQR mounts, the open sights set dead on at 50yds
      FN custom in 7mm Remington Mag
      162gr BTSP
      3.5-10 VX 3.
      Both guns are ready, someday, God Lord willing

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      • I did a lot of research on this topic, with the intent of finding a round that could serve in Alaska , the Lower 48, and elsewhere if I had the opportunity. I ended up choosing the 9.3x62 Mauser, since I can hand load to create loads for smaller critters down here.


        • Been there did that, gonna do it again!

          When I went, I brought my Sako 375 H&H and my Rem 700 in 30-06. Both loaded with Nolers. 300 gr in 375 and 180 in the 06.

          What I learned:
          • Shots are typically 200-300yards
          • Most Americans show up over-gunned.
          • You need to practice shooting off of shooting sticks. The brush is usually too high to get a prone or even a kneeling shot.
          • The 375 was certainly effective, but not necessary. The good ole 06 would have handled everything easily. (Plains game that is)
          • My guide's father had taken every critter on the ranch with a 243 including an eland.
          • Shot placement is the key. You have to be able to shoot and put the bullet where you want it at distances you may not be comfortable with and as I said before practice shooting off of sticks.
          • Sight your rifles in for 100 yards and KNOW the appropriate holdover for your cartridge.
          • The springbok in my avatar was taken at less than 50 yards, and my 06 was sighted in for 300. It's much harder to under-correct than hold over. I won't make that mistake again. I missed him more times than I care to admit.
          • When I go back next year, I'm bringing the 06 and either a 223 or 243
          • 2016 we are planning a Cape Buffalo hunt, so the 375 will be my choice.