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7mm Rem Mag Big Enough?

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  • 7mm Rem Mag Big Enough?

    In your opinion is the 7mm RM topped with a 195gr rocket big enough for Africa?

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    Big enough for what? You do't specify what animal you plan on hunting. If you're looking at plains game, probably a 160 or 175 gr. Partition with do anything you need to do. Might be a bit light for eland. For the big and nasties the 7MM Mag would be illegal any with the .375 H&H being the smallest allowed in Africa with some countries allowing the 9.3x62 as absolute minimum for dangerous game. I believe the 30-06 is good for leopard though in most African countries.
    Paul B.


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      I've used it on elk which is a big animal and if I do part have never lose one due to not enough gun, only use 160 in it.
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        Your best bet would be to contact an African PH where you are planning to hunt and find out. Some laws are different in different countries as Paul B mentioned.
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