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Elk: Heart Shot or Lung Shot?

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    I've shot and killed one elk in my lifetime. Double lung shot. He went down in about forty yards.

    The heart is a small target and is easy to miss.


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      I've killed 35 elk, only 2 or 3 were cows. I field dressed and processed all of them myself. I could not point to the vessels and arteries on the top of the heart on a broadside picture of an elk. My favorite shot on elk is broadside, in the crease behind the front leg, 1/3 up in the body. Many of the elk that I've hit with this shot have either dropped on the spot or only ran a few steps before dropping.

      My favorite rifle now for elk is my .300 Weatherby shooting 168 or 180 grain TTSX bullets. I've also killed elk with a .30-40 Krag, .30-06, .30 Gibbs, .257 Ackley, 7mm Rem mag,, and an arrow.
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        I've been elk hunting for 25 years, whitetail and such for 10 years before that, don't know exactly how many I've killed. Went 9 years in a row taking at least one, one of those years took three.I bow hunt and rifle hunt most years in Colorado and Idaho. The only trouble I've had dropping them was my first hunt I was shooting good deer bullets, that does not make them good elk bullets.Most of my shots have been double lung with bow and rifle from 35 yards to 630 yards. Over the past 4 years (since my sons started hunting) we've taken 13 elk from 150-617 yards with 190gr, 150gr, 142gr Nosler Accubond Long Range bullets and we have not had to track any, I've watched them all fall within 5 yards of impact. Lungs, liver heart all good shots, I prefer lungs as there will be no wasted meat. Head and neck shots are also great as long as you're not worried about trophies and can hit such a small target. If you make a bad neck shot they will bleed like crazy but good luck ever catching up to them. +10 buffybr


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          Make that 14, got a 6x6 Sat. 550 yards 150gr ABLR 3000fps 280 Rem. double lung, he took two steps and fell. Got 3 more tags to fill over the next month or so hope they go as well.


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            I shoot for the neck on an elk. IF I were to miss I'm not huntin a wounded animal. That sucks and takes time off yer hunt. I shot an elk at 225 yards, down hill, thru the wind pipe/jugular vein and he dropped right Now! There was 5 gallons of blood on the ground when I got to the carcass. I put my fist in the hole of the wound in his neck. Good ole 270. 130 gr SBT. Elk steaks 2 night!