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Saw Deer Daily. Now no deer?

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  • Saw Deer Daily. Now no deer?

    Since mid-Oct. I have seen deer on a daily basis on my lease near Americus, GA. After a very long draught,rain came right when I left for my elk hunt in Colorado. This past Thurs. I began hunting my lease again. My son in law was here three days earlier and after the fourth, he went home because he'd seen no deer. Now I am sitting on one of my stands, ending my third day and no deer. This is the third stand I have hunted, during the three days. Why did the deer stop moving in daylight? Signs everywhere and they are hitting my feeders.Because of wetter weather and cooler, they quit moving in daylight? The mornings and evenings are very cool and with no wind. I am hunting from before daylight until dark. I am on my stand during the Solunar "major moves". I am stumped. What do you think is going on with these deer? Thank you, Steven

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    Just a thought
    They haven't gone far look in the deep dark places
    and yeah they might have gone nocturnal on you



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      If the feeders have been hit, they must be there. Otherwise I'd have said they moved slightly away to a new food source.

      Deer are creature of habits, and they change very slowly, but you were away.

      In northern climates this happens when it get cold nights. Deer will walk and feed all night to keep warm; then when the sun comes up they will nap during the day. Have you had cold nights? When this happens, I usually still hunt hoping to 'kick' up a sleeper. Friday, I had a large doe sleep most of the day right outside my window. She would get up and walk within a 30 foot circle and then bed down again.

      Try walking slow or change you stand location to a remote ground blind.

      Just thoughts,


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        When they change there habits it's time to change yours. When we have that happen we get together and do drives.


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          Old thread but any excuse to talk deer . Looking at the rut map for Sumter County and the posting date, I'm not surprised the woods are quiet a month after the peak of the rut. There can be a little spike in activity from a secondary rut but other than that, the woods where I hunt get pretty quiet after the primary rut is over.


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            Same thing with rabbits. August they are everywhere. October 15th...none to be found. A conspiracy???