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  • Game camera suggestions

    In search of a low cost adequate solution
    WalMart and Amazon have a blue million different Game Cameras

    I am NOT hunting just need to see what is happening to my wife's garden and When

    Suspected deer, evidenced buy the poop and damage

    been here 24 years and this year is first for deer jumping the fence and eating back roses, drinking all the water out of bird bath and tipping out all feed from bird feeders

    may have to erect electric fencing in the flower beds

    Not safe to shoot the critters (neighbors on all 4 sides) but legal to do I have waited up some nights and shot 45 cal wax bullets (shot primer) and run a few off but I suspect after I go to bed they come back

    Local predator is coyotes and feed store strong repellents are NOT working

    suggestions, ideas, advice

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    If you figure you are getting pestered at night, get one of the black light or similar named cameras that work good after dark.

    This is from a wild game camera purchased four years back and still working. This one uses a flash.

    Wild Game has a deserved very bad reliability reputation but my cameras work like a charm.

    So you have two pictures of exact same location.. You can view them like this and get an idea of camera quality etc.


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      thank you sir


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        Both my Moultrie game cams are Black Flash and work very well even being 6 or 7 yrs old now.They run about 3 months on 8 NimH AA batteries.


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 has good deals on game cameras quite often. I personally prefer Browning Game cams, but they run about $100 each. Camofire will often have StelthCams on there page for as low as $50 each.