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  • Cougars

    Watched something on the Weather Channel a while back about cougars migrating north from Florida. The reason they gave was because of habitat degradation. Claimed a few migrated all the way to Kentucky! Wonder if there any in Louisiana?
    Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials shot and killed a mountain lion that was found in Bourbon County Monday afternoon.

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    I don't much like the outcome.
    If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

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      Sounds like overkill to me.
      KY F-n-G ame Wardens got too big a smile to suit me.

      If it was/is a threat, then OK. The article however says the dog may have spooked it, and it went into a tree. If it were stalking her and dog, would it tree?
      It's not that Democrats are so damned ignorant. Their problem is that everything they know is wrong.

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        We had mountain lions around where I grew up but it was rare to see them. At least from what I've seen, they're wily creatures and don't want to mix it up with a human and a dog. I almost always had my dog with me growing up and on the rare occasion I'd see one they were always slinking off into the hills long before we ever got close to them. The dogs never even knew they were there.

        I haven't lived in ML country for a long time but from what I remember, the rare attack on a jogger or something often entailing them jumping out of a tree onto the person. So I suppose it's possible it was up there looking to ambush them. Although a wildlife story told by a person who probably doesn't understand wildlife, to a possibly trigger happy warden, passed on to a clueless reporter, it's possible what we read and what really happened may not be the same thing.


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          Game dept here gets downright testy,denying their existence and any discussion concerning them is nipped in the bud.

          Every year some bow hunter will see one. There's a lot of mnts in Virginia, just sayin.


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            My dad and I were tracked by one south of Flagstaff, Az one year while out squirrel hunting when I was growing up. He got all excited, went back into town and bought a tag. He had his 30-30 ready if it came back.
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              Hiker killed by cougar in Oregon.
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                A friend had pics of one here in MD on his game camera. Most atlantic states will deny they have any but they are in most all states on the east coast. We had them in NC mountains where I grew up


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                  Feral cat, a pet gone stray.

                  The cougars in Florida are no longer Florida Panthers. The F & W stocked quanities of Western mountain lions to support the breed in Florida (really dumb). The new cats down there don't have the skills to survive in the Everglades so they are moving out of their traditional areas, preying upon dogs, sheep, pigs, and preferring backyard hunts.