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Deer hunting Buckshot vs. Slugs

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  • Deer hunting Buckshot vs. Slugs

    Deer hunting Buckshot vs. Slugs I have used both and have my preferences I just wanted to see what y'all thought and why


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    We don’t have the option of using buck but am interested in hearing about it’s effectiveness.
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      Only used buckshot on pigs, very close. Poor penetration.


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        On deer, buckshot is like throwing a light switch. The ones I've shot meandering or standing still dropped right there. Maybe if they were pumped up running and trying to get away from me before I shot my story would be different.
        Hogs are a different breed of cat, they have that hard shield. I've seen that stuff stop a 45 colt at about 5 yards. Had to end up killing the hog by slicing its throut.


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          Even as soft as deer are, get anywhere past bow-and-arrow distance (30-40 yards) and it becomes nothing but a wounder, ESPECIALLY from "reduced recoil" (low-velocity) loadings. Penetration is only fairly described (in polite conversation) as "lousy".
          Add to that the normal spread you get, even from the best loads, and anywhere past 30 yards or so and you start missing with up to half the pellets you throw (which is never very many to begin with), and well over half the ones that DO hit won't be anywhere close to the vitals, they'll be all over the poor critter, from the shoulder top to half way up his neck to half-way to her tail.

          Hogs,,, oh hell no, not unless you can basically screw the muzzle in his ear first. WAY too much muscle in and around those shoulders (I am ignoring those thick bones) and that neck to get to the important bits in between.


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            On hogs, I only take head shots. Not enough penetration on head shots at 15-20 yds.


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              I voted for slugs. Shot at my first deer 40 years ago with buckshot from about 35 yards and it it ran off. Luckily my Dad and Uncle headed him off at the road and pushed him back to me. I finished the job with a Remington Slugger. 3 of the 00 pellets hit the 4 point buck but none in the vitals. Shoulder, front leg, and one through the ear. I've never used buckshot since. I have killed probably 50 or more with 12 gauge slugs since then. Slugs only make 1 hole but it's a big hole.


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                Personally... outside of 20yards in (only work well in real real close quarters)... buckshot is inhumane and a HUGE mess...

                I just shot a doe with a reduced recoil slug from a Pederson designed Remington 29. Being that old I decided to only use reduced recoil rounds as to try not to beat up the action. Shattered a rib and still made a huge mess! That was @ 50 yards. I wouldn't have shot her any further out unless using full power slugs.
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