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    Here is EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about CWD courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture.
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      As of January 17 the count was 91 positives: 3 more positives are going through secondary the extended season ends 1-31 their will be an anticipated total of 1,000 tests left to conduct.

      Over 2,000 deer pulled from 3 counties to give you an idea of the herd size.

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        Thanks for the info. For Minnesota they only list three counties for free range deer. This was probably published before that data was available. I hunt in Winona County, which is in the same area as the other three counties in the SE corner of the state. There was one positive test during the firearms season (mid November). There was a special late hunt for this area in late Jan and first weekend of Feb. They had one positive test during the first weekend of those hunts, so far that I have seen. It was taken 2 miles from a positive deer farm and about 5 miles of the land I lease. There was also mandatory testing during the firearms seasons in Central Minnesota. There was a positive test on a deer that died on a farm. Something to be mindful of for sure.


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          The latest count is 167 positives in Fayette and Hardeman Counties. One positive in Madison.

          This is just since mid December 2018.

          A couple of hundred more results pending.

          An observation:
          The cluster of positives radiates out from Ames Plantation and that high-fence club on the Fayette/Hardeman county line.

          One of the very best deer herds in all the southeast has been decimated.


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            Big News check this out---cure?



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              Yep, seen this or something like it. There is another test that allows immediate determination if the animal has a folded prion. This is also about 3 years out. Here is the as-of-today numbers