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Best Turkey Hunting States in US?

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  • Best Turkey Hunting States in US?

    I was looking around at the best states for turkey hunting and came across several blogs that had WI as the best, the link below as an example, I'm not sure I really agree with this....maybe it's my Texas bias talking, but I'm pretty sure the best is found there. Any thoughts?

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    The best I know of is my back yard.
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      I doubt it rates as the best, but New Mexico has been very good for me since about 1991. You get two spring gobs and one fall bird. Non resident spring tag for 2 gobs is like $110, can't beat that deal IMO. I will however caution anyone that's considering a New Mexico turkey hunt, that the terrain is not at all accommodating. When you hear a bird sound off it's almost certain to be at the top of a ridge, which means having to go vertical as quickly as possible. Going vertical wouldn't be a huge deal for the average person in good shape, but we're talking about doing this at elevations that range from 8,000' to as much as 10,000'. The air is much thinner than most anticipate, it can kick just about anyone's butt that isn't accustomed to it, and even then it's still challenging for those who are conditioned to it.

      I've filled all of my tags every year for years and have also guided many others on successful hunts in New Mexico. I didn't make it this spring though, I had to much going on to take off for a week or so.



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        I've hunted both NE Iowa and SW Wisconsin for years. Either state, as well as SE Minnesota, produces very heavy Eastern Birds from the hilly unglaciated areas along the Mississippi river. Occasionally you may stumble across a bird in NE Iowa with Merriams markings due to the first reintroduction of turkeys in Iowa utilizing western birds. Birds typically roost in the large hardwood trees along ridge tops and points. They often feed and strut in nearby farm fields throughout the day. Sneaking into known roosting areas in the predawn will sometimes have birds dropping right into your lap at flydown. Even if the gobblers are roosted with hens they seem to remember your calls and will come sneaking back for a peak after the hens scatter to lay eggs midmorning.

        One of the best sites to look at Turkey hunting prospects is the National Wild Turkey Federation site.
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          I don't know about the best. But Missouri has a lot of turkeys. I've seen flocks of 150-200 birds on a hill side in cold weather. I'm not a turkey hunter but I normally saw turkeys when deer hunting in Missouri.
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            Can't complain too loud about Oklahoma's population. A buddy of mine has 40 acres he lets us hunt and we see turkeys almost every time we go out there. The wildlife management area does really well also.
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