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Of all the birds you most often hunt What's the most fun ?

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    Dove hunting is the most fun because it's the first hunt of the season and I enjoy being in a dove field with my pals watching all of miss shot after shot. But my favorite gamebird is bobwhite quail over a good pointer. Attached are pics of a limit (15) of doves from September, taken with my 28 ga. RBL double, and a brace of bobwhite taken last Jan. with favorite 20 ga. double.


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      beautiful shot gun


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        My favorite BIRD to hunt is the Ruffed Grouse here in the Great Lakes States. The poll showed partridge and grouse so I guessed your grouse was maybe the Blue grouse or fools hen called maybe and partridge was for you guys in MT I don't know what but many here mistakenly called our Ruffed Grouse...Partridge. Anyway I had to vote for partridge in the poll based on my definition of such birds.
        Now it is very exciting to have a dog find a Ruffed Grouse (henceforth referred as grouse).....and have it explode into flight as hunter walks up on the point....however, these grouse don't wait long on a point in the heavy cover mostly they are found in so always Unexpected when they do launch into flight and manage to maneuver around all the brush/trees it puts between your gun and itself. I find/use a 20ga double or even an O/U sometimes as a great grouse gun. Have been known to also use a .28ga O/U too but that is giving the grouse a big edge.

        offhand.....those are two really beautiful shotguns!
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          Ring Neck, nothing like wild roosters, watching the dog working locking up, approach he's holding, the flush and cluck, feathers in the air, a trio of 20's.Happy days.
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