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  • Spring javelina

    Spring 2019, my dad, 14 year old son and myself drew tags for the H.A.M. (handgun, archery, muzzleloader) hunt. Asked my son what he would like to take. He tells me he wants to use my Uberti SAA 45 Colt pistol. He enjoys the snot out of that gun. He has already claimed it. I'm all for it, except the barrel is under 5" and has that big fixed blade sight. Told him, I am concerned about the distance he may have to shoot with that pistol. That he will have to practice a lot. Hoping for Xmas to pickup a Ruger Blackhawk with adjustable sights and 7.5" barrel in 45 Colt for him.
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    7 1/2" is defiantly easier, to get good sight picture on.
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