Saturday we had a small brake in the nasty wet crap falling from the sky.
Calling for Mostly sun and slight winds.

I called a buddy I occasionally hunt with. made a plan to do some calling. Well I'd do the driving in My truck and use My call and I'd do the calling He did bring his own lunch. He was shooting , or should be shooting , an old 250/3000, no scope???

I was trying the boys 30 soviet , My GD will be using that for deer this year I think. I had the 6 but wanted to use the 7.62 on a coyote or a gopher what ever came first. February is a horrible month to call, March is out standing, April you may as well go fishing, end of may and June can be very good, July and August they turn nocturnal do to heat and September November are taken up with hunting season. Back to the story, sorry.

First set , grass was very when but the roads where good, sun was just coming up. 5 Minutes in My buddy tells me he sees one, I looked over and yup a dog about 30 yards off his right shoulder.

I whispered back he needs to get set and shoot it. As the coyote disappears out of sight he was ready to shoot, dang .

Next set He had a coyote slip in on him and almost lick his boots, no shooting again.

3 set I finally had one show 300 yards almost dead down wind . It scented us and was gone. 5 or 6 more blank sets then on a set I have taken many coyotes at we had 3 starting to come in.

On this set we have LOTS of elevation and great cover.

The coyotes where 2 miles out when the started to charge in. I have no doughty they would have came right up to the call. So NOW he decides he needed to try a 350 yard running shot....

I didn't say anything, dang.

It was a good day and we called in 6 to bad we did not kill any.