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5 July gopher's !

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  • 5 July gopher's !

    So the daughter and I have been working our butt's off with the clinic, Every time I got her out to shoot, the weathers got her, all spring and we've had a wet cool year so far, hays grows fast so there's a small window, when just before they start cutting, you try and find a pasture that the cows have been in and how they are moving them to summer pasture. Bing -O, some folks came in for treatment and said they were two weeks behind and just going to move them 1 July, another said come out, two with in 5-10 miles of each other. The first place so so, we parked and walk in with the rim fire's always a good one. But the Badger's have moved in, they are good @ what they do. The next is a big outfit, Let few in, we hit it perfect, they we're just stopping for lunch and " a $#!t house full" go get em. We pulled thru the hay yard, I stop she started right in on them. I set the shooting bench up in the back of the Ford, fit perfect! I let her go, was a kick to watch, I worked the Ruger MkII, After a bit I would move the truck to get fresh ground, we shoot for all most 4hrs straight, I broke out the 5R @ the end run 19! Wanted to post some photo's but after the last update I can't down load them to the PC???
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