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  • Anyboy see this?

    National Review's Charles Cooke and a prairie dog shoot. I'll bet he's catching Hell from the animal rights people and other leftists.
    "The fact that guns can kill another human being is the whole point. That\'s why they are so darn good at deterring violent criminals". Ann Coulter

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    Interesting article. He's get things pretty much on the nose. I'm sure that the well meaning, but clueless urban masses, will recoil in horror at the carnage. When I mention at work that I'm headed out to shoot prairie dogs the reactions are priceless. I pretty much give them the same reasons that the author here gives and then I ask them if they'd like 200 or so rats living in their lawn. The conversation changes pretty quickly.

    Here's a direct link to the article:
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      Nice article!
      “Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”
      ― Franz Kafka


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        Lewis and Clark messed it up. Hearing the critters 'bark' they called them 'dogs'. better investigation would be to call them 'prairie RATS'. with that term they would not appear so cuddly to snowflakes.

        I'm on a atlantic coastal state and last year we had 2 people die of 'the plague' they caught from illegal PDs brought east and sold as pets!


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          I liked it. Probably only at National Review would you find a writer/editor with some appreciation for and sensitivity towards "fly-over country." But I doubt a Dakotan is going to respond with "With a .17?" when you tell him you're hunting PDs. More like "Whatcha using? I like a .204." Or similar. But just think— this article is from a national media outlet, on the coast no less! I'm sure heads have exploded among the lefties who monitor The Enemy. And that's good, too. That's VERY good.
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