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    If you are interested in smoothing out a rough bore here is the proper way to go about it. An excellent post by Big Joe in the Smithing Forum. Linked here for archival:
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    Hand lapped custom barrels are made .005" or so undersize then hand lapped to the proper size. Wouldn't hand lapping an already correctly sized barrel just create an oversized barrel?
    I've fire lapped several barrels in the past. They get smooth, but oversized. I have had good luck on several barrels by JB'ing for about 300-500 strokes. The barrel gets reasonably smooth and is not enlarged appreciably. Of course the best solution is to get up off your wallet and have a quality custom barrel put on your rifle. What a joy it is to work with a good custom barrel compared to the frustrations of trying to get a factory barrel to shoot good. But, to each his own. Different strokes for different folks. :wink:
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