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    So we had a family day up on the Ruby river I hooked a brown right in front of Hans, how his the fishing GSP !!!!!!
    Made the mistake of hooking a fish right in front of him!!!
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    Good dog,,,,,good boy!
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      You go, Hans! Bravo!
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        Maybe Hans could teach my dog something useful. His name is Paddles. When he sees water that is just what he does, well dog paddles. So far he has taught me to take him for long walks. Preferably to a place where he can disturb fish. Also how to scratch him properly and sometimes allow me some space on the couch.
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          I love that photo.
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            Guys we were all laughing so hard over this,Hans is being Hans nosing around, I am knee deep in the creek, he comes out just watching, I hook the brown about 15 to 16" good fish so he pulling out some line on the 4wt, the drags going off and the lines zipping thru the water how hes at full alert, whats going on! The fish then comes to the surfaces and rolls 2 feet in front of his face, that did it!! The hunt is on he's after the fish, the fish jumps,how all hell break loose, line wrap around him deep water, heads for the other bank dragging the fish, sees it and he gets a bite into in the fish flips out of his month back into the drink Hans dives in yes dives, then loose sight waters deep, see it again fish getting tried, Hans in hot pursuit, wrap in line again, knocks the fish off. How the rest of the day no more the a foot off my backside. So how his the fishing GSP!!!! What have I DONE!
            Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson