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  • Krauthammer on Dogs

    I am a huge admirer of the late Charles Krauthammer. As a conservative pundit, his positions, observations and opinions were spot on. He made his point without being bitter or condescending toward the liberal side of the spectrum. A true gentleman. When he passed away earlier this year I was truly saddened by his loss, something one rarely feels about someone they haven't met.

    Today I was reading an excerpt from a new book, mostly written by Charles prior to his passing, and finished by his son at Charles' request. I never knew that Charles was a dog person, one of many of us in this world. Charles wrote a simple paragraph about how he felt toward dogs. I think many on this forum will appreciate it.

    “Some will protest that in a world with so much human suffering it is something between eccentric and obscene to mourn a dog. I think not. After all, it is perfectly normal – indeed, deeply human – to be moved when nature presents us with a vision of great beauty. Should we not be moved when it produces a vision – a creature – of the purest sweetness?” Charles Krauthammer

    That about says it all. RD

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    Well said. Memories of my dogs that passed on are more vivid than a lot of folks I spent hours with at work!


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      Bear O by far, they love completely, devote to us with out anything being hold back, Truly mans and women's best friend.
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        Everyday my old mutt takes me on 3 walks. I never fail to enjoy these excursion every bit as much as he does. His efforts to sniff and leave p-mails to assure his place in this world just makes me smile and sometime laugh. When we get home after we both had a drink he makes sure my lap is kept warm and my hands have something to scratch. I know he thinks I'm a better human than I know to be true but this sure makes my life richer and happier.
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          When God gave us his greatest gift he made sure we wouldn't get too swell-headed by taking it away much sooner than we liked. Or perhaps he just wanted to be sure we had many of them in our lives so we could learn what they had to teach us. He knew we were stupid and would need many reminders.
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            Charles was an extraordinary man. I read his articles and would catch him on Fox News for years before I learned of his past. The fact that he was as intelligent as he was, had such tragic turn in his life so early on, and then still rose to such touch so many is amazing.

            As for his deep words on dogs, fantastic. I remember every dog we had - even the German Sheperd that my parents had to put down when I was 5. I cried then, just as I have teared up with the loss of others since. Our current dog, while a simple house dog with a fancy breed name, is probably the closest yet. They never care how bad of a day they are have had, they always want to see you when you get home. They do care if you had a bad day and will stick by your side until you lighten up. We should all be so understanding.
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              Reminds me of my first dog, a mutt, which I named Wimpy, like the hamburger eating character in Popeye.
              He would run after us and bite our heels. Finally some a-hole shot him when he bit that person's heel.
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