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  • Too funny not to share...

    Couldn't resist this little guy. I laughed out loud.
    Homo sapiens, [ˈhōmō ˈsāpēənz] Noun. An advanced primate characterized by a large brain which it seldom uses.

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    Forwarded medium widely. So far, two returns cussing me out for hot nasal coffee burns.
    -Remote locations are cheap insurance.
    -There are two kinds of ships: Submarines and targets


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      LMAO, Thannks
      Mtman714; A man can do no better then to leave a good garden patch. Thomas Jefferson


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        Funny, My chocolate lab has the very same name. (His given name is Clancy but Stop That is used more)
        Every once in a while in life we need a policeman, a lawyer, a doctor and a preacher. We need a farmer three times a day, every day.

        Et Canis Manducare Canis Mundi


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          Proof that dogs show emotion. I use Lugnut and Jack Wagon a lot with Roscoe.
          From the movie "They Live"
          "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I\'m all outta bubble gum"


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            Our dog's nickname is Dammit, as in Dammit stop barking, or Dammit stop licking my ankles. I can't watch any old westerns with her because the horses make her grab her toy, run to the TV, and shake her toy to death while barking at the horses.
            If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

            "Ammo and really good friends are hard to find in a gunfight so I bring them with me" E. J. Owens


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              Every time Holly our Pitoxer hears a car horn honk on TV she makes a mad snarling run to the front windows and then her dog door to run off whomever snuck in the driveway on her.
              Was twice yesterday before I went to work.