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    Thought ya'll might like a pic of my Doberman,Coco. This was last Saturday at a pro 3D bow shoot. She has been a constant companion in the game fields as an excellent tracker/locator...... smart enough to tuck in behind me when told to,out varmint blasting. Though we have a 3D course here at the house that she is used to,and can go off leash at some of the local,less formal shoots...... She has to be durn near service dog "perfect" when at the pro shoots. She dosen't "like" being,on leash but,tolerates it at these bigger shoots. Sweet as they come personality.

    She's 8 months @65#'s..... putting on a good face here but,she was pretty wore out by days end. Long travel day,shot two courses @25 shots each,and had to retain composure..... and yes,we're working on her finding lost arrows,haha.

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    That is great. Like those floppy ears.
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      Lovely pup. Fine dogs the Dobies. Never had an urge to have one myself, but have admired many. Thanks for sharing her with us!
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        Had a prof in wayback times, was near blind but worked the chalkboard well. Had a doby seeing eye dog that was HIGHLY protective of him. Not the least friendly, even when carefully introduced. That said, if I needed a service dog, I would not hesitate to pick up a doberman.
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          Coco's calmness I'm convinced,came from hanging out in our shop. BIG honkin air compressor kicking in.... pneumatic nail guns.... chop saws.... high pitch shapers..yada,yada.

          I was showing my son a chop saw technique a week ago and the dog was laying at my feet when hitting the switch.... didn't blink. I broke her in to gunfire very gently. We shoot right out of the shop door,so I'd leave her inside and step outside,blast a cpl groups and then come back in. Every morning we go for a walk in the woods,I carry a 7-08 cast bullet rig...... now,when she see's a rifle,the tail gets to waggin,haha cause she knows it's walk time.

          There just isn't ANY need to reinforce aggression in a Dobe..... in fact,everything we're doing is the opposite. She'll know when it's time to protect us... I know that she sees Deer as a threat though. When we are varmint hunting and deer invariably get spooked,or come sailing by,she ranges out 10 or so yds. in front of me and you can see the guard dog come out. But other than that she'd rather get petted and oohed and awed over.


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            Sounds like you are doing all the right things for her. How TRUE that you do not need to magnify the Dobe's protective instinct. So much of the breed's bad PR is because of people who want to be seen as tough guys 'cuz they have a Dobe. What a shame that another fine dog gets a bad rep b/c of idiots. Same with Rotties. They need "special owners" and it sounds to me like you are sure one of those.
            Homo sapiens, [ˈhōmō ˈsāpēənz] Noun. An advanced primate characterized by a large brain which it seldom uses.


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              Thanks for all the kind words guys!

              I have a few dog questions but will start a different thread.


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                Sounds like a fun time, good looking pup.
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