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    I..... uhh we(dog)have been endurance training pretty hard for my..... uhh we,shooting competitive 3D archery. Along with general fitness,getting in shape goals.... this was yesterday.

    Headed out round 7 a.m. yesterday. Bada$$ longbow and equally "hip" .... '16 R700 CDL '06 with tackdriving cast 175's. Got a pr of NOS,Cabelas pinnacle snake boots,the ones with "less" insulation. Got them for beer money at a big trad only bow shoot earlier this year. Need to be broken in. Along with assorted varmint blasting gear,range finders,binos,daypack,etc.

    Driving,we get a cpl miles from house,down by the river.... the 10 month old Dobe is tearingtearin empty plastic green tea bottle when a deer comes up out of the river bttm,crosses the rd. and SAILS up a 75' high,very steep rocky cliff. Would've given 50$ for a pic of Coco when slowing down for the deer to cross.

    She sat up,bottle in mouth at full bite...... motionless. Then goes slackjaw and the bottle slowly drooooops. Priceless. Heck,even I was impressed with the deer's climbing antics.

    It's gonna be a good day.
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    So,figured we needed to get in 5 miles at least of hiking and rucksack training for the day. First up would be carrying the CDL for awhile along with testing the new boots. They are a strange boot. I bought them cause they were brand spanking new..... and less than beer $$. They had sat at the vendors table for 3 days with no takers. By Sunday afternoon during the "pack out" for the guy,me and a cpl of my sons were bttm feeding the sellers with ghetto lowballing tactics. Hey,it's all part of the horse trading process and is what it is. After 3,maybe 4 rounds of haggling which saw me walking away over a single dollar..... I got them.

    No checking reviews,no checking evilbay..... nope,gut instinct said,buy. They are stupid lite.... which is the last thing you'd expect looking at them. Very comfy in the few miles I've put on them. So along with some other gear,we get to rolling on our training at this big arse chunk of property.

    Bow shooting will be a mix of formal shots inside this big horse barn tempered with stump shooting and a few 3D targets technically placed,du jour. But this will come later,we're in rifle mode....


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      The dog,and nobody seems to mention this when discussing "classic" guard dogs...... and BTW,Coco was bred as a working dog. Even though,in this case..... working involves tracking and hunting with high degree of obedience. But a good guard dog is "clingy". Meaning when in the field she rarely ranges that far from me. Always coming back to protect "dad". Just interesting from an off leash perspective,in the gaming fields.

      She has been gun broke with cast rifle rigs. Mostly low velocity, 2000 fps stuff. Many "kills" under her belt.

      So,we get in about a mile or so...... and to be honest I'm more concerned with the boots than what she's up to. Then it happens..... apparently, she got a little too close to a doe tending a very small fawn. And then the sheet hits the fan......

      The doe goes batchitcrazy chasing Coco..... which is sort of all the dog wanted anyway. Just looking for a playmate? Momma deer must not like trailer trash(kidding) youngins playing with her baby cause this situation is getting downright serious.

      I've been attacked,near run over,postured at and by at least a 1/2 dz bucks back in the days when I was guiding. So being within arms distance of pissed off deer doesn't really get me going,that much. But this doe is acting like she's on crack? I'm not in camo..... not sneaking around.... not in anyway other than training and grinning about the stupid boots. This doe is chasing my dog and charges me.

      The dog broke off the chase when it all ranged a little too far out ..... which is what the doe was trying to accomplish. Problem was,now the dog AND me are betwixt the crackhead doe and the fawn...... I racked a 175 up outta the mag well like a greased ball bearing. Auto pilot from decades of practice....... the doe is at 40,30,20 yds and closing. Coco is standing her ground when I said.......

      "Go get the arrows"

      This is her trigger to,and trying to use this politely,basically attack. When we go shoot 3D she stays at our side until we've all shot,then it's,go get the arrows..... and she attacks the target. Cheap redneck entertainment...doh.

      So now she's heading towards the deer and so am I......

      I will drop this deer if it gets any closer,fawn or no fawn. We ain't exactly hurting the completely out of control population here..... they're barely one click above nuisance status! But I didn't really want to so carefully put a 175 into the leaves and dirt trying to get this maniac to stop....... rack another round in.

      Deer wasn't happy about the whole affair and was still acting almost rabid? when I commanded Co to come,and let's go..... we got more roadwork to do. She agreed and with a cpl looks back over our shoulders it was over.