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FDA releases DCM data. Some big surprises!

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  • FDA releases DCM data. Some big surprises!

    An important read for everybody with a dog-buddy...
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    Isn't it always the case??? The most expensive stuff is on the "worst list"
    It's not that Democrats are so damned ignorant. Their problem is that everything they know is wrong.

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      I have a business relationship that is a regional regional consulting veterinarian for a major animal drug company. Note that I said drug company. He has no horse in the dog food business.

      He advised me to feed my dogs dry dog food from any one of the major dog food brands. He has fed his own hunting dogs nothing but Purina dog chow for years. He said protein is protein, vegetable or animal derived, and that corn is an acceptable source of carbs for dogs. He also said that the major brands make food in large lots and routinely test those lots for a variety of things like vitamin levels, molds or toxins in ingredients before they are ever even blended. Their quality control is every bit as critical as human nutrition. He maintains That the small, high dollar, brands do not have the in house testing facilities that the big boys have and outside testing is too expensive. The tested safe bet is the best bet in the long run. Just read the tag to confirm the fat and protein levels and micro nutrient levels that support good health.

      He also said that too often the local vet has a vested interest in dog food recommendations because he sells the high dollar food.
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        my vet for last 23 years expensively (and he is country horse and cattle doc who is really fairly priced for every thing) manages our 4 sad sack rescue dogs...One is real health so only Trifexis--one was abused--- and two were highway dumps with significant medical issues: Like allergies that only respond to high buck drugs, Cushings ( high buck meds) yada yada...obviously initially WE tried to find a feed thinking the allergies were food related... Doc Moyer told me same thing RockDog got told.....So we buy big bags of Purina One Lamb and Rice at commissary...(BTW that online Chewy's is NOT cheaper that even my local wally world)..I digress
        just being a second sample to RockDogs post