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New Pups replacing Sapherie

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  • New Pups replacing Sapherie

    Meet Thalia and Gaia.
    My wife likes Greek god type naming

    Both French Bulldog defectives.
    Gaia larger darker female has a short 3" tail ...and that is mostly the defect that is visible...time will tell about other genetic issues
    Thalia ( I call her Tollie* for short) is my baby and she has a unclosed belly with fairly significant hernia that we must watch. Vet wants to wait to do the repair when we have neutering done...Just one anesthesia event
    For now we are new parents since mid July...little good sleep. They Eat drink, play pee and poop and poop and 64 what the hell was I thinking.... OH yea Momma needed something to stop the heartache of losing Sapherie
    * Tollie like Tony and Ziva's daughter...grin
    nClick image for larger version

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    So cute! Keep us posted as they grow, and... congrats on the new family!
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      They are cute little sons o' guns. Glad somebody's not afraid to face a bit of challenge. ED
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        Congrats they look great.
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