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Michigan K9 Officer Axe KIA

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  • Michigan K9 Officer Axe KIA

    The St. Clair Shores Michigan police department is mourning the loss of K9 Officer Axe. Axe was shot and killed by a man brandishing a gun outside of a banquet hall where a baby shower was being held. The suspect refused to surrender and shot Axe before attempting to flee. Officers returned fire and the suspect was killed. Four year old Axe had been on the job for two years. The Macomb County Sheriff's office is asking for prayers for Axe's handler and the St. Clair Police Department.

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    That's really sad. I'm sure his handler is going through hell right now. Having said that I have to add that I am against hanging badges on dogs. The badge implies an oath, arrest powers, and all the rest of a sworn officer's duties and obligations. As much as I love dogs and believe that police dogs should have extra protections, a badge is for a human officer. Dogs are not "officers."
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      Its always a sad day when we loose a brother officer, no matter how many legs he stands on. But I'm glad the puke that shot Axe got wasted. As an old mounted officer, I know the bond an officer has with his "non-human" partner. I hope Axe's partner does alright.
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        In the hearts and minds of those he served and those of us who read this he was and will be in Heaven an Outstanding Officer and a Hero!
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