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  • Graf and Sons

    Hey guys, Don't forget that Graf and sons is a sponsor of I was over on there site tonight. Some really good deals on Steel shotshell rounds 25% off. Some Hornady bullets and ammo at about 25% off, A whole bunch of AR15 products marked down too. 9 pages of clearance items in total. Hi tek coated cast bullets too. AND 46 pages of non-clearance items on sale right now. Tons of Rimfire choices, shooting accressories etc. Be sure you mention the Handloadersbench in your order. RD
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    They're also having 12 days of sales, if you're on their e-mail list. Day 3 deal decent tube mic for price.
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      Order often from them. Lots of good deals plus they keep brass in stock for some hard to find calibers.