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Bullseye Ammocam on sale!

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  • Bullseye Ammocam on sale!

    I got an e-mail from Midway, big sale. 85% off on over 2500 items, blah blah blah. BUT!

    Long range (1 mile) Ammocam is on sale. $465 + shipping.

    Cheapest Ive seen it so far.
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    I paid 699.99 for the one I bought, My wife told me to order everything I wanted, I wasn't going giver her a chance to change her mind.
    This system allows me to move the antenna off to the side, a good distance away from my target. That will allow me to put something in front of the camera it will never get shot that way.
    I will be using it at 300yds 95 percent of the time. I remember seeing the sale, on the one you're talking about. The Radar was on sale to, I don't remember the sale price for it. Bullseye Camera Systems AmmoCam Long Range Edition with External Antenna 1 Mile + Target Camera System

    I paid 559.95 full price for the
    LabRadar Ballistic Velocity Doppler Radar Chronograph


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      Last time I checked on it at Midway the Bullseye was $355. I still couldn't talk my wife into it as I'm working on Chargemaster right now.


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        I got the cam while it was on sale. I havent seen a sale on the Labradar but no matter. I paid 559.00 for it as well. I was originally set on the Magnetospeed but decided to go this route.


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          The lower priced unit on Midway is the Sight-in edition (300 yards) and it is currently $299; 1 mile system is $699. Amazon has the Caldwell unit for $308, free shipping with Prime.
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            Yep they went back up they had it on clearance for a week.