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Review: Keystone (E. Arthur Brown) Savage Thumbhole Stock

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  • Review: Keystone (E. Arthur Brown) Savage Thumbhole Stock

    I absolutely hated shooting, and watching my son shoot, his Savage 12 FV in 6.5 CM with the factory stock. I describe shooting it as shooting while standing on a rubber band. So, after almost a year of him having different priorities other than spending money on firearm stuff (who raised this kid?) I told him to pick a stock for his birthday. We ordered up a the Keystone Savage Thumbhole Stock from E. Arthur Brown.

    The site clearly stated they have had reports that the trigger guard on some of the 12 FV rifles were now thicker than they were in the past. Figured that was easily fixed, and with it being laminated I also expected a bit of material removal would happen at a couple of spots.

    The trigger guard did in fact need to be corrected. I found that taking 0.10" off the front matting surface of the guard was the correct amount to get a flush fit against the stock. Both the front and rear pillars were too long, with the rear being high enough that the retainer for the magazine would not sit all the way down. The front technically would have worked, but the rifle would have been on the pillar with no bedding between it and the pillar, and the bolt was only grabbing on the first 2-3 threads. The magazine well needed maybe 20 minutes of sand paper/test fitting time to get it right, and that is with me taking a dremel to the front of the magazine frame to keep it from hitting the receiver (sanded the well walls, and trimmed down the front lip of the magazine frame). Knocking the finish down a bit in the remainder of the bedding areas was all that was needed to make them ready.

    This was the first fully blind magazine stock I have bedded and I was not sure how I was going to approach it until I had it on the bench for a while. I decided that I would tape off the walls of the magazine hole, and bed the magazine retainer and put the magazine in after the bedding was dry. The fit of the stock was tight enough that I knew it would only need a skim coat around the receiver so cleanup of the magazine hole was expected to be minimal.

    18 grams of bedding material with 2 grams of hardener was the perfect amount for being mixed in the bottom of a cup and not having much waste. Total prep time for the stock and getting the release agent on the rifle was around 60 minutes. Cleanup of the bedding material took another 10 minutes. Removing the release agent was a typical pain in the rear. In all, I am very happy with the results. Almost makes me want to go buy my own 12FV so I can do it again.

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    Beautiful rifle, nice job



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      Very nice looking rifle.

      You will find your ability to hold steady for an off-hand shot has improved.

      Th thumb hole and wider fore end combine to stabilize your sight picture. I have killed 4 deer offhand since hitting the field with my 06 in a Boyd's stock. I would NEVER have taken these shots int he past.