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    Good reputation from folks on HB
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    I placed my first order today at 8:32 am for 1000 nickel 380 cases. I received the shipping notification at 11:52 am today. I'd say 3 hours and 20 minutes is a pretty good turnaround time. :thumbs:
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      Been using them for some time now. When no one else had 30-30 brass, I was able to find it through them. Told a couple buddies about them and they were able to find 303 brit brass and I just recently ordered some 7.62X54R brass. They have been a great go to source.
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        I have used

        for several years.

        Extremely satisfied with all purchases. Prompt, courteous, accurate. The prices are reasonable-in some instances very cheap. Frequently has hard to get items, such as 7mm08, 300WSM, 308 match.

        For a great experience, call the owner and speak with him. He hunted me down when a web site error created a potential problem and we had a pleasant conversation.

        Tell you what, I'd sit down and have a cold one with him.


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          Elite Reloading supplies. Got 500 acp cases. Cleaner than I get mine, no Mil, all large primers if wanted. $48 includes shipping.
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            I've had very good experiences with Tascosa Cartridge. Good guys to deal with.

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              While I've never purchased from this guy, several friends love dealing with him. I buy most of mine from my Gun Club or Armslist.

              Take a look at
              NRA RSO
              50 BMG, My Long Distance Provider
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                These are the only people I buy my pistol brass from.


                Their prices are extremely competitive and their brass is quality, as advertised. Shipping is prompt, packaging is secure and the shipment arrives at my casa intact. Their source is an indoor range. I purchase in 12k-15k quantities and rarely find a crimped pocket. The brass arrives as clean as I would get it by tumbling and I don't have to do it. I've run many thousands of these cases through my Dillon press without a hiccup of any kind. I live in Texas, have to pay sales tax, and I still buy from them. :thumbs: ---- Clint


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                  I thought I'd add these guys since they've never disappointed me. They're on the other side of Atlanta from me, and if you've ever had the misfortune of driving in Atlanta traffic you'll know why I'd gladly pay them shipping fees rather than drive directly to them lol.
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                    Here's one for military brass:


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                      Originally posted by BigDog58 View Post

                      While I've never purchased from this guy, several friends love dealing with him. I buy most of mine from my Gun Club or Armslist.

                      Take a look at
                      I order from Wes Sage quite a bit. Fast shipment, good service, and great products.