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Reloading multipurpose workbench

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  • Reloading multipurpose workbench

    Hy every one i am new here i have found list of some portable workbenches available at online store which can be used for multipurpose tasks, can we use some of these workbenches at workshops or at home for loading some extra weight tools during work,can anyone suggest best one?
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    Tried a couple of different routes, can't get itday to load currently.
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      Loaded OK for me.

      I'm not real fond of portable benches that are also light weight, as they tip easily.

      Probably be OK for loading handgun ammo, not really a lot of "leverage-force issues" encountered sizing straight-wall brass cases.

      Bottleneck cases on the other hand, IMO something not real tall, with a W I D E footprint, and then I'd be weighing it down a bit as well.

      Holding weight is not the issue, stability when basically prying downward on an edge is the main issue.

      Not a single thing I like about the WORX (#5). Tall, square, dead vertical legs, great for holding something, not so much for this.
      If you forced me to, I'd go with #6 (XTRA HAND), mount the press to a piece of dimensional lumber (2-3 foot piece of 2x12), and clamp it on the END of the banch, attempting to get the press itself INSIDE the actual footprint of the slightly splayed "feet". Even if you couldn't quite set it that tight, it wouldn't take a lot of weight all the way at the other end to ballast it down. A couple gallons of paint for instance is dam near 20 pounds.

      Lee Precision makes a portable reloading bench for example,,, it is essentially a tripod setup with the press mounted INSIDE the footprint of the legs, this makes it hard to "pry over" when resizing brass.

      I made do for a lot of years before I built my current 2 benches in a dedicated room. Both are TECHNICALLY "portable", but not easily. The big one is capable of being disassembled into 2 pieces by way of 8 carriage bolts, separating the bench top and cabinet assy. from the leg and lower shelf assembly, thus they could be moved through a doorway.
      Assembled, and especially when full of supplies, it is table as bedrock without being "bolted down" to anything.


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        I guess it all depends on how much space you have to play with. My daughter gave me an old desk that they were getting rid of, and I am now using it for a reloading bench. I wanted the most available space because it's in a small office, so I opted for a small Lee 90045 single stage and worked around that. It's a pretty comfy setup and everything is at arms reach.
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          Massy and all the newcomers:::::::::do a search for loading benches, there are at least two very large threads with tons of pictures and more ideas than the average wallet can sustain.

          Most of the kit benches and all the portable ones have very limited & focused objectives. What you see on the aforementioned threads is a lot of home made benches a blacksmith would use. Wide. Long. More storage than you can possibly conceive. indirect lighting. Control of air movement. Most have a non permeable surface, Most are lag bolted to building studs AND weighted down. Shelves everywhere. specific containers for specific purposes. Plenty of electrical outlets.

          Lots of folks have walled off a portion of the basement or garage, or some excess bedroom and turned these places into Man Cave Supremes. See if your talents can match up to some of the examples in the threads.


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            Short answer. NO. You might be able to make them work but you will not be happy.
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              If available space is an issue for you Google the portable range reloading workbench. There are several way to reload without heavy duty presses.
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                I've been looking for a portable bench, living in an RV full time makes it hard to complete projects when we're south for the winter. A couple of those show might work, something I can stow in the forward cargo hatch would be nice, Or in the back seat area of the truck. Boss lady getting tired of me working on projects at the dinning table LOL.
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                  Bill,,, if you could work out a way to strap/attach one of the smaller ones to a bumper, thus solidifying it from tipping/flipping, you might have something useful there from several of the above that I dislike standing alone.


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                    might be possible with the receiver on the truck, the 5th wheel has no bumper
                    "We failed, but in the good providence of God apparent failure often proves a blessing." Robert E. Lee


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                      @massey123 - are you asking if the bench can be used to load, or used to hold other equipment. The "loading extra weight tools" makes it unclear to me what you are asking. If you are looking for something to hold a press, or charge your cases, then I agree with others these are not a good idea. Too unstable.

                      Something like this is much better if you have a wall to mount it to:|THD|google|D59+Storage+% 26+Organization&mid=sDymGgTki|dc_mtid_8903rn225192 _pcrid_171990442072_pkw__pmt__product_300061152_sl id_&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_5_QBRC9ARIsADVww15DJPNEzVSAajVi C7-z-r3ncpmtFf6nq_kIBjQVHEHevY4nulXNqiEaApbMEALw_wcB
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                        I know this is a old post,,, but one of the sturdiest things are seen used is when somebody carries a 4 x 4 or a 6 x 6 and mounts their pressed to it, there's no give in that post when you push down on your press, you can screw aboard on top to make a larger work surface or aboard on bottom and stand on it,, there's always a way to secure the post you can clap it to a tailgate or a portable bench


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                          All This would need is a 4 x 4 the press for me.