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  • Vortex Crossfire II

    Well i have had many cheap scopes a tasco has never failed me.
    The 3-9x40 nikon buckmaster i had was clear but recticle was too thick.
    My centerpoint scopes were just as bright and clear as the buckmaster..
    I have had cheap bushnells..all died.

    I was looking through a few scopes at academy sports a couple years ago..They all were less clear than my centerpoint.
    Or the eye positioning was difficult.

    I looked at getting a mueller like my buddies eradicator.

    Eye relief was terrible...

    The search continued..I looked through a Vortex that OKLHUNTER has...Now that is crisp, bright and clear.
    Easy to position your eye..

    Now just the other day Academy had one on the shelf..
    It blew away the other scopes.

    At the range i have looked through the Nikon Monarch
    That is a clear sucker...The Leupold II I was not impressed with, no better than my Nikon. and i could make out the bullet holes better with my centerpoint on the same power.

    So if i step up i need really clear glass and do not want to spend a fortune.. need a small recticle for long range and at least 14 power for max and 3 to 5 power for a minimum.. 6 may be ok that would take some getting used to.

    The entry vortex crossfire before 2012 was lacking a lot by reading a few days worth on the net..
    They have a Vortex Crossfire II now, that is what i looked through at Academy..

    The Leupolds at bass pro i looked through do not seem as clear and bright...

    ONE DAY!!!

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    You have seen my rifles and the scopes mounted on them. I am partial to the Vortex and Burris brands. As for the Vortex Crossfire? Couldn't tell ya weather it's good or not. I use the Viper series and am really happy with them. As for the Burris? Yeah I have a Elliminator II on my 22-250 but like the Fullfield II also. Burris makes a very clear scope and I have never had a complaint.
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      I have two Vortex Crossfire 6-24 by 50 scopes. One mounted on my prairie dogging ar-15 and the other on a heavy barreled savage 110 in 243. I bought them on clearance when the Crossfire 2 came out. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are nice and clear, have good eye relief, a great lifetime warranty and customer service that is second to none. I called in to order a replacement turret cap that I had scratched up by being careless and even though I told them it was my fault they insisted on covering it. After that experience I know for sure I will be buying more Vortex scopes in the future.
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        Is Vortex manf in the US? Which are?


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          The main Vortex office is in Madison, WI.

          I don't know where the scopes are made but I know that the design and engineering is done in WI.

          From what I can see so far they are great scopes. I've got a cheaper model Crossfire on one of my varmint rifles and it's a good value. My only complaint is that the crosshairs are a bit thick for a 6-24 X 50.

          I have seen some of there higher cost models side by side with a Loopy at the local range. Both were brand new and I wish I had written down the models. It was no contest. The Vortex was brighter and had much better resolution than the Leupold. I do know that the guy with the Leupold was not happy because the Vortex was a couple hundred cheaper. RD
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            i am very impressed with the vortex viper line of scopes, never used a crossfire, but one of my friend's has one and likes it.
            also we bought some diamondback field glasses and they are very good for 200 bucks.


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              I have one of the crossfires in the 6-18. Earlier model that had the 30mm tube. Illuminated recticle and tall turrets. Got a good deal on it. Need to convince the wife that I need a new rifle to put it on. HD.


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                I've got a Crossfire II mounted on my hog hunter 4-5x50 it's a good scope wish I had got a little more magnification but it's good out to about 300 yds.
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                  I am very partial to the Vortex brand. Price, clarity and no quible warranty have sealed the deal for me. I just got a Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO. I put it on one of my 10/22's for now, but it is destined for a 22-250 i'm liesurely building.

                  I've got three different vipers mounted on a .223, .308. .338 lap mag. They all have the same reticle (BDC) and they are all the same rifle (pretty much) ; Remington SPS Tac's , and the .338 is an XCR. The .223 and .308 are trainers for the .338.

                  Also have a Strike Force red/green dot on a CZ 858. I loves the Vortex's.

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                    The Vortex I just picked up says it is made in the Philipines
                    That's my opinion and I'm stick'n to it...
                    ...till I change my mind.


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                      I have a Vortex Viper, and probably would not go lower in their line of scopes. I had a Vortex Diamondback 4-12 I bought for a .300WM, and it would not hold zero on any rifle it was on. I finally sent it back to Vortex and received a box with a new Diamondback 1 week later. That is excellent going from AK to WI back to AK in 7 days. The one thing that upset me with Vortex though, they sent a letter to me saying I was to blame for the damaged scope and that I had over tightened the scope rings. I find that hard to believe as there wasn't even ring marks on the scope. With that being said, I bought a Wheeler torque wrench, and double checked all my other scopes. Needless to say, they were all under-torqued to what the manufacturers recommended.


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                        I'm now on my3rd Vortex Crossfire 11, and have to say they've all been great. That's 2 4-12's and one 6-18. The latest one is on my 243W. I also have a couple Leopold VX1's and the Vortex's are way clearer. Zero doesn't change as you zoom in or out and that's one test of a quality scope.
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                          I put a Vortex Viper 4-16x44, 30mm tube, on my .270 this past year & its been a delight to use. A lot of scope & brilliance for the money.

                          Just got a new Win .308 & have a new Vortex Crossfire II, 3-9x50, 1" tube, to go on it. Clearest, brightest scope I have ever seen for the money. Just looked & the new Vortex says it is made in China.


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                            I'm a huge fan of Vortex, I dumped all my Leupolds (gave them to my son) for Vortex. I have their Viper series w/ Kenton Industry Custom Turrets, Diamondback, Crossfire II, and their Spitfire Red Dot. Every rifle I own has one on it. I wish they would come out with a handgun scope. That is the only firearm in my arsenal that doesn't house a Vortex.
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                              My scope pursuit continues .. My requirements changed a little.
                              500+ yards it needs to be clear and magnification needs to be 16x or better and clear up there with good eye relief.
                              Sun in your face or sun setting there needs to be no haze on high magnification.

                              After looking through some excellent scopes at that range I feel the crosfire II will not even come close.

                              Nothing I have owned has came close to what a couple friends have..
                              I guess I will need to sell my 1957 210 to afford a scope.

                              That ain't happenin. So for now I use my Tasco.