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Best way to mark turrets?

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  • Best way to mark turrets?

    I am currently running a fixed 20X scope on my AR-50. It has removable target knobs, so you can set them to a zero point. Problem is, the turrets just have hash marks and no numbers, so I have to count them when going back and forth to zero...

    So I am going to mark the elevation and windage turrets so I can easily return to zero.

    Do you guys have any good ideas for marking? I was going to go to Walmart today and see what I could find as far as fine tipped paint pens... I want some that looks good and clean, the hash marks are only about 1/16" apart...




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    Nail polish and a very fine artists brush? Like 6 bristles fine.


    Lots of colors.

    Could be removed easily in the future with nail polish remover.


    NP remover might take finish off of turrets too.

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      Kind of what I was thinking. I am going to see what I can get as far as the brushes today, too...

      I won't put a bunch on there, just enough so you can quickly return to zero...

      It is a SWFA scope, I love the optics and the repeatability of the adjustments, it just has meaningless turret markings without some kind of reference...


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        A fine sharpie, different colors.

        I have three SWFA scopes, turrets are very well numbered, sometimes you have to watch and see what revolution you're on, the revolution marks are pretty small. Mine are all the mil/mil, oldest one is probably five years old.

        I wonder if SWFA has new style caps available, as replacement?
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          Am seeing that a majority of scope mfg are coming out with replacement knobs of call the mfg ask them
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            Saw this over at accurateshooter the other day.

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              I use the enamel paint pens and a toothpick. Everytime I try to make a line it comes out a blob so what I do now is just make little dots with the tooth pick. Maybe use Red & Yellow for major/minor ticks, and/or green for 0
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                I ended up getting some florescent orange acrylic paint at Walmart. I just put a small dot on the graduation that was zero and reset the knobs to both read "0" on that graduation. Works perfect, easy to bring back to 100 yard zero in no time at all.

                I have drop charts in 25 yard increments out to 1500 yards (that is max with this scope elevation limit). They have all the MOA adjustments pre-calculated, so it is pretty easy to get on target quick. I was just tired of counting graduated lines on the turrets, now I just crank it down until the orange dot is under the bottom of the knob and the knob is on "0"...


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                  Just be careful with revolutions when you reach out to long distance.

                  If you have a ballistics program, like Silhouette Ballistics, that allows for correcting the actual scope adjustments, most actually do not adjust to say 1/4 inch, you can run the actual velocity with the BC, correct for the chrono reading then correct for the adjustment and run the actual sight settings out to say 800 yards, put in a 8 font two column table and packing tape it to the bell to make it water proof. It makes a handy long distance combo with a laser range finder.
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                    Thanks for the tips!


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                      I use WhiteOut, the stuff for covering errors on paper (Liquid Paper). It isn't permanent and can be written upon with any pen or felt tip. It is easy to chip off with my fingernail. I change the marking often, so this isn't a rugged/robust marking for me.


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                        BEAR wrote:
                        I use WhiteOut, the stuff for covering errors on paper (Liquid Paper). It isn't permanent and can be written upon with any pen or felt tip. It is easy to chip off with my fingernail. I change the marking often, so this isn't a rugged/robust marking for me.
                        This is what I was thinking. Apply it with a hat pin and wipe any excess off with a wet paper towel before it dries. Wouldn't be permanent, but should last for a few hunts.