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    Been looking at the SWR RADIUS Range Finder priced apx $ 1,000.00 anyone seen or used one. Like it cause it can be mounted on the weapon..with a digital read out up to over one mile.
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    I hunted one day with a friends rifle for caribou, just to try the scope.

    It was a Burris Eliminator Laserscope. This has a range finder built in. you merely touch a button on the side of the scope, and the range shows in red above the crosshairs much like a regular range finder.

    It has an added feature, a built in bullet drop compensator. so it shows a red dot on the vertical crosshair for the proper hold over. That feature needs to be calibrated for your cartridge/load. My buddy had done that.

    Overall it looked very good to me. If I hunted more elk or speed goats out west, it would be great. Don't know IF I need it for eastern hunting with shots under 200 yards.


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      My inlaw, has scope with built in range finder. It doesn't read reliably on game past 500yds, so it's of little use.

      I use my rangefinder as mono, so to me, one of the better binos with rangefinder built in would be more useful. I've found, to range effectively at extended range, you need ability to use tripod on rangefinder.

      I've seen mount to "sister" rangefinder to spotting scope.
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        I've also used the Leica bino combo. Great but a little expensive at $2500.

        Few Rangefinders are good for game beyond 5-600 yards as you can't find a target (rigid/white) close to your game and soft brown hides just don't reflect enough light.

        When hunting I always carry a pair of good 8x40 binoculars, and if hunting were 300 yards is a possibility then I hang an extra noose around my neck with a 600 yd rangefinder. Add a scoped rifle and you will see why I liked the Burris combo.

        Look thru binoc, drop binoc, look thru rangefinder, drop rangefinder, look thru scope, then remove safety. With the scope/rangerfinder Burris it is just look thru scope, evaluate, fire